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Since the founding of the corporate division Asset Management (CD AM) in 2001, Baloise Asset Management Schweiz AG and Baloise Asset Management International AG have been providing investment advisory and asset management services.

Baloise Asset Management (BAM) accommodates the growing demand of the Group and of third-party customers for high-quality financial products and qualified portfolio management, while strengthening the positioning of Baloise as a leading financial services provider in Switzerland.

Our primary tasks include:

  • Professional portfolio management for the Group's own assets as well as for third-party customers
  • Investment advisory services for capital investments
  • Development of strategic and tactical asset allocations
  • Performance measurements
  • Risk analyses and reporting

Baloise Asset Management (BAM) offers its clients professional portfolio management with investment options in a wide variety of different markets and investment categories. Besides traditional securities investments, hedging strategies are also available to our clients corresponding to their risk propensity and exposure capacity. A large portion of the Group-wide investments are centrally managed by BAM.

In addition to asset management, BAM also performs the task of investment advising for capital investments. We aim to provide our clients first-class services with the ultimate goal of achieving long-term value enhancement for their investments. On request, we develop the optimum strategic and tactical asset allocation in qualified, experienced teams. Our portfolio managers, who have a successful track record, then take over the subsequent implementation and security selection.

Our investment policy, which is geared towards client demands and long-term value creation, is modelled on benchmarks, all of which were selected and defined according to income and risk considerations. In order to inform clients on a continuous basis about the development and constellation of their investments, we offer performance measurements, sound risk analyses and regular written reports.

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