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In its domestic market of Switzerland the Baloise Group operates under its “Basler Insurance” and “Baloise Bank SoBa” brand names. Basler Switzerland is the largest business unit in the Baloise Group. As an insurer and focused financial services provider it specialises in delivering comprehensive insurance and pension solutions. Its customers are individuals, small and medium-sized firms and selected industrial enterprises. Its insurance sales force is at the heart of its marketing strategy. This is supplemented by a network of distribution partners for certain product-related and customer segments and by brokers and the internet. Baloise Bank SoBa strengthens the range of pension solutions available by offering banking products that are sold by the insurance sales force and by the bank itself. It has positioned itself as a universal bank in northwestern Switzerland.

Key figures Switzerland

Employees   3,806   3,746
Business volume (CHF million)   3,885.4   4,363.1
Gross combined ratio (per cent)   83.8.4   86.4

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Marco Sauser
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Baloise Bank SoBa

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