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Working at Baloise Bank SoBa

People matter - and their individual personalities.

Baloise Bank SoBa

Working at Baloise Bank SoBa is a very special experience. The bank is big enough for you to explore all the departments that make up the business, but small enough for you to make a difference with your individual personality. Provided you are committed.

We are like a family. There are strong internal networks, official channels are short and we know and support each other. This is not just an adage, it is a daily commitment.


Developing also means taking responsibility for yourself.

Nobody just develops without any input. That's why we support your goals, no matter your age, and no matter you current situation. Let’s talk about your aspirations! What’s your end goal? What will help you advance, both professionally and personally? As an employer, we support you in various ways, including a change of perspective: internal job-switching within the banking and insurance field to help you understand the bigger picture and gain a broader perspective, both for yourself and for all of us together. Sharing and increasing knowledge is another of our firm convictions!

An experienced male customer adviser in a suit is explaining something to an older woman using documents.

Bank customer adviser

You can best support us as a customer adviser in private banking, for mortgages, for our business customers and for anyone who comes to talk to us at the bank counter. Much of our business is deliberately and primarily conducted through personal contact. It's all about trust. You are the expert who communicates complex finance-related matters in such a way that you get through to and persuade our customers. We are very person-centred. Your advice creates understanding and understanding provides security.

Experts of all kinds

Support in the back office is provided by our experts in the IT department, the Customer Service Centre, Marketing... the list goes on. Baloise is made up of many small cogs which mesh to provide our customers with the best possible support. Will you be coming on board? Whether you are a techie, a communicator or a creative, we are always in need of good people with the drive to develop.

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