Careers in Luxembourg Our values
Find out about the three behavioural values shared by Baloise employees: Whether internally or towards our customers, partners or shareholders, Baloise Assurances attaches great importance to its core values.
Develop and engage – ourselves and others!

It is important to develop ourselves and involve our colleagues and those under our responsibility in order to cope with the challenges ahead.

We recognise that each post within Baloise contributes to the success of the company we work for.

Act authentically and earn trust!

For others to rely on you, you need to be confident in yourself first. "Say what you think!" or in other words: Be yourself with respect for others. Stand up for what you believe in.

Put yourself in the other's shoes!

Putting yourself in someone else's place requires courage. Agreeing to listen and becoming aware of a different point of view allows conversations to be conducted with more understanding and tolerance.

This creates a climate of trust and dialogue is more constructive and effective.