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We are looking for startups offering solutions for improvements to our products, processes and customer interfaces in our core area of business as well as in the fields of Home, Mobility and Financial Needs. With this in mind, we are pursuing an open innovation approach, working together with external partners to strengthen our innovative capabilities. This approach involves investing, launching pilot projects, entering into partnerships and setting up our own startups.

What is Baloise Open Innovation?

The aim of Baloise Open Innovation is to drive innovation with a view to offering our customers and partners new product solutions on an ongoing basis. On the one hand, this means promoting innovation within our company and underpinning this with a number of different programmes; our staff are the central driving force behind this as well as a source of new ideas. On the other hand, we also want to promote innovation in the wider context beyond the bounds of our own company. The idea behind interacting with startups and other organisations is to both enhance Baloise’s insurance business and expand the Baloise Group’s business model.

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What interests us

Our aim? To work together with startups to boost our core business. We are looking for startups offering solutions that could improve our products, processes and customer interfaces. We have already launched a whole host of projects in this area.

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Our lifestyle and way of life are in a state of constant change. Added to that, changes in one’s living situation are often associated with major emotional changes in life. Baloise wants to provide its customers with security in these key moments – a reliable partner at their side. With our home services we make our customers’ home lives easier and simplify their daily routine so they can concentrate on what is really important. To allow us to continue to fulfil this role in future, we are looking to add new innovative solutions to our range of services.

Mobility moves us all – literally. As an insurance company we have been involved in this field for a long time. Traditionally this took the form of different insurance solutions. In future we want to offer more services that will make the lives of our customers easier and prevent technical innovation in the field of mobility from becoming an end in itself. This involves collaborating with various different stakeholders – and an openness to striking up new partnerships.

Financial security and retirement pensions are not just a matter of concern for the older generations. This is an area that is becoming more and more relevant for young people and services in this field have changed dramatically. We are active in this area and on the lookout for further innovations and opportunities to improve services and achieve a targeted expansion of our existing portfolio.

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Our toolbox

The times where we wanted and were able to do everything alone are long gone. We are always looking for innovative partners to help us make our insurance business more efficient and above all more customer-friendly. With this in mind we invite startups to make a pitch at us with a view to launching a subsequent proof of concept or pilot project. Then, if both sides are interested, a more long-term partnership may emerge. Since we have a team dedicated to this and a lot of experience in this area, this process is quick and straightforward. Time is a valuable commodity and we want to find valuable solutions for both parties.

Our investments are aimed at supporting activity in our core business and our core markets, but primarily at tapping into interesting new fields of business and business models for Baloise. These investments go beyond prioritised focus areas and open up options for future activities that may potentially be closely associated with our core activities in another five or even ten years’ time. That is one of the reasons we invest not only in Europe, but in the USA and Israel too. We have had good experiences with investing in Seed or Series A stages and see ourselves as a partner for the portfolio companies that we actively support. For example, when it comes to finding staff, we can help with our large network, or as a sparring partner.

To combine the best of both worlds, i.e. the know-how of an insurance company with all of its facets (e.g. Life / Non-Life / Asset Management), and the expertise of investment professionals, we work together with venture capital company Anthemis.

We work with universities and think tanks to promote innovation. We believe that bringing together diverse stakeholders and expanding our network help us to think outside of the box, which allows us to work together to shape the future of the insurance sector and beyond.

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