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Our Innovation mission

The Baloise  open innovation strategy stands for engaging with the wider entrepreneur community to help new ideas grow.  We want to strengthen Baloise’s competitive edge in the market and at the same time help entrepreneurs grow and fund their companies. This approach involves corporate venture capital, venture building, collaborative pilot projects, partnerships, and as well as setting up our own startups.  While we are primarily focused on FinTech and Insuretech spaces, we also know that there are many various relevant connections to other ecosystems so therefore we always keep an open mind. 

What are we looking for?

to improve our products, processes & interfaces

Our aim? To work together with startups to boost our core business. We are looking for startups offering solutions that could improve our products, processes and customer interfaces.

to make our customers’ home lives easier

Our lifestyle and way of life are in a state of constant change. Added to that, changes in one’s living situation are often associated with major emotional changes in life. Baloise wants to provide its customers with security in these key moments – a reliable partner at their side. With our home services we make our customers’ home lives easier and simplify their daily routine so they can concentrate on what is really important. To allow us to continue to fulfil this role in future, we are looking to add new innovative solutions to our range of services.

to define how people get from A to B

Mobility moves us all – literally. As an insurance company we have been involved in this field for a long time. Traditionally this took the form of different insurance solutions. In future we want to offer more services that will make the lives of our customers easier and prevent technical innovation in the field of mobility from becoming an end in itself. This involves collaborating with various different stakeholders – and an openness to striking up new partnerships.

How and why you should work with us

Corporate Venture Capital Investments

Corporate Venture Capital Investments



Portfolio Ventures

Baloise’s Simply Safe strategic journey aims at making customers’ lives easier and safer in three key areas: Home, Mobility and Insurance. That is why we have started building a portfolio of ventures in the last couple of years, by either investing in start-ups or establishing our own start-ups.  Our overview presents a selection of the innovations we have introduced since we set off on our journey.


California based life insurance startup that helps you customize a policy based on your interests, budget, and individual situation. Amplify offers term, permanent, and cash value life insurance. Go to


Hedging solutions platform for the Agri Food Industry. Combining modern data science with an old-fashioned customer focus has enabled Stable to reimagine risk management. Go to


AI platform for efficient claims processing. Seamless integration into existing claims systems. Automate processes and reduce costs. Go to


MOVU offers its customers a relaxed relocation, and at the same time brings transparency to the Swiss moving market. Go to


Dry cleaning & laundry services. Smart laundry for smart people. Go to


Devis provides a free network of companies selected by experts throughout French-speaking Switzerland according to precise criteria: skills, specialisations, location and know-how. Go to


Houzy is the first open platform for homeowners in Switzerland with strong partners, a lot of expert knowledge and a rapidly growing community. Go to


Batmaid is a platform for booking a cleaning service. Go to


Keypoint is the digital assistant for all parties with decision-making power on repairs, maintenance and building management. Go to

gowago Logo offers a new way to get a car in Switzerland: simpler, more trustworthy and fairer. Go to


Rent smartly with Rentio. The platform for landlords, property managers, estate agents and tenants. At Rentio you will find everything you need to rent or let without worries! Go to


The first technical inspection body for real estate in Belgium. ImmoPass is a building control office that carries out technical audits for residential and office buildings. Go to

mobly Logo

Mobly makes mobility easier through innovative solutions and mobility services. Go to

abodeinauto Logo

aboDeinauto is the leading used car subscription platform in Germany. Go to


Drivolution improves safety and environment through driver and mobility behavior in organizations. Go to

ben Logo

Ben is the tech-driven one-stop-shop service company for all fleet maintenance services. Go to

xapix Logo

Xapix provides real-time data, system and device integration and orchestration, and applied AI. Go to

humanising Logo

Humanising Autonomy is building the global standard for intuitive interaction between people and machines. Go to


TWIICE develops powered exoskeletons that help people with mobility disorders walk again. Go to

Stratos Logo

Stratos Technologies digitizes aftersales processes for full-service leasing, fleet, insurance and garage-chains. Go to


GoMore is a Danish carsharing platform enabling private car rental, shareable leasing and ridesharing. Go to


Our team brings together a wide range of experiences from both the corporate and the start-up world. Reach out to us personally if you have topic specific questions.

Portrait Sibylle Fischer

Sibylle Fischer

Director Strategic Venturing | I am overlooking our corporate venture capital investments and while having a lots of insights into the start up world I try to find most promising use cases to be implemented by Baloise LinkedIn | Email

Portrait Laura Seiler

Laura Seiler

Innovation Manager | I translate trends into tangible use cases for Baloise and identify possible solutions on how Baloise can adapt | LinkedIn | Email

Portrait Katarina Miljkovic

Katarina Miljkovic

Open Innovation Developer | I provide and further develop our innovation tools used by internal and external innovators | Email

Portrait Yan Shikhvarger

Yan Shikhvarger

Investment Manager | I am working on our corporate venture capital investments and identifying future areas of growth LinkedIn | Email

Portrait Matthias Rüfenacht

Matthias Rüfenacht

New Business Manager | I explore future trends for the Swiss Business Unit of Baloise, translate them into innovation projects and facilitate the implementation of the most promising use cases | LinkedIn | Email


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