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Social Engagement

Taking responsibility

Sustainability is at the heart of everything that Baloise does. Because every day it helps companies, economies and communities to function properly. Baloise is a responsible employer, a responsible partner to its customers and a responsible corporate citizen in all its markets. It thinks and acts on a long-term basis, examines risks that may arise in the future and mitigates them in a thorough and professional manner. Baloise maintains an open dialogue based on trust with its customers, employees, partners and shareholders, in order to work together to generate added value.

Treppenstufen aus Beton


As an employer Baloise fosters a corporate culture that is focused on people.

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Rettungsring an Wand

Risk Management

Baloise's risk management approach involves managing both risk and value at the same time.

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Zwei Holzstühle vor einer Wand


Baloise's art collection is the product of a long-standing commitment to culture and the arts.

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Roter Feuermelder

Corporate Responsibility

Baloise believes it has a responsibility to society in its role as a corporate citizen.

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Vier Bäume, die unterschiedlich bewuchert sind als Symbol für die vier Jahreszeiten


Baloise is strongly committed to reducing its impact on the environment.

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Tisch mit Geschenk darauf


Baloise takes its corporate and social responsibility seriously and is committed to sustainability.

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