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Baloise's art collection is the product of a long-standing commitment to culture and the arts. The primary objective is not to make monetary gains, but to incorporate spiritual and creative values into the company's corporate culture.

Art collection

Baloise laid the foundation for its art collection at a time when it was by no means normal for companies to engage in such activities. Since it first began collecting art in the immediate post-war period, Baloise has remained true to its belief that the company's works of art should be accessible both to employees and visitors.

Baloise displays its collection in foyers, corridors, meeting rooms and offices, with a large number of works on show in publicly accessible reception rooms at its group headquarters.

The Baloise art commission, which comprises six art-loving employees and one external consultant, supplements the collection with specifically targeted purchases. The items are purchased proactively on an ongoing basis. The art commission therefore politely requests that artists and galleries do not submit any works, portfolios or project concepts, etc.

Collection concept

Baloise collects contemporary art. Purchases focus on works on paper by contemporary artists. Works on paper include drawings, gouaches, watercolors, oil on paper, collages and photographic works. These are fully recognised artistic media, which form part of the significant artistic statements of the modern day.

In the Baloise Art Forum themed exhibitions from the Baloise art collection are presented to the public, sometimes complemented by related works on loan.

Art Forum

The Baloise Art Forum mounts themed public exhibitions featuring works taken from the Baloise collection and sometimes also relevant loan works. It also hosts talks with artists and runs guided tours for employees and external groups. The rooms of the Art Forum are reserved exclusively for the purpose of displaying the company's own collection. Every year two exhibitions are mounted.

Baloise Art Forum: Luke Fowler

Exhibition at the Baloise Group Art Forum: Luke Fowler.

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Baloise Art Prize

Every year since 1999 the Baloise Group has awarded two young artists its Baloise Art Prize. It is Baloise's way of supporting the development of young, rising talents.

The Baloise Art Prize has become a prestigious accolade. The awards are presented to the winning artists and galleries at the high-profile Art Basel international fair. In addition to this publicity, the artists are also given the opportunity to have their works displayed in a distinguished art museum. Baloise invites it top customers to these endowment events and uses them to strengthen links with the local cultural media.

Many of the previous prize winners are now leading lights in the international art scene and act as cultural ambassadors for their country at the Venice Biennale.

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  1. Baloise presents the second art work to MMK Frankfurt

    A few days ago, the Baloise Group presented MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main a work by Mathieur Kleyebe Abonnenc. He is the winner of the 17th Baloise Art Prize, which had been awarded to him by the Baloise Group last year on the occasion of Art Basel 2015.

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  2. 18th Baloise Art Prize awarded at Art Basel 2016

    The Baloise Art Prize has been awarded to the Canadian artist Sara Cwynar and Mary Reid Kelley from the USA. The prize of CHF 30,000.- will be presented at the Statements sector of Art Basel by a jury of international experts. The prize includes the acquisition by Baloise of a group of works by the award winners, which are donated to two important museums in Europe: the MMK, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt a.M. and the MUDAM, Luxembourg.

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  3. Baloise presents the tenth and last art work to mumok Vienna

    A few days ago, in the presence of numerous representatives from business and culture, the Baloise Group presented mumok Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna with a group of works by John Skoog. The swedish artist is the winner of the 16th Baloise Art Prize, which had been awarded to him by the Baloise Group last year on the occasion of Art Basel 2014. The representatives of the Swedish Government were happy about the appreciation of John Skoog and congratulated him on winning the Baloise Art Prize.

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