Baloise presents mumok with the 9th art work

Basel, A few days ago, the Baloise Group presented mumok with parts of the exhibition „Pin“ by Jenni Tischer. The german artist is the winner of the 15th Baloise Art Prize, which had been awarded to her by the Baloise Group last year on the occasion of Art Basel.

Since 1999, the Baloise Group has been honouring two young artists per year with the Art Prize. The prize of CHF 30’000 is awarded by an international jury of renowned experts. In addition, the Baloise Group acquires a group of works by the award winners and donates them to two important European museums. In 2013, the award winners were Jenni Tischer (*1979) and Kemang Wa Lehulere (*1984). His works were presented to the collection of Hamburger Kunsthalle.

Baloise Chairman Andreas Burckhardt, curator Manuela Ammer, Jenni Tischer and mumok director Karola Kraus in front of two donated works

Crucial to the design of the three-dimensional works created by Jenni Tischer is the combination of material, colour, form and text. The artist incorporates references to modernism into the context of her own works, while undermining them at the same time. Her installations resemble stage sets, in which a wealth of objects seem to be telling stories, an impression contradicted by the fact that they preclude interpretation. Political concerns such as authorship, production and feminism resonate in Tischer‘s works, specifically in her choice of technique. She often exploits typically feminine activities like embroidery, sewing or weaving, which she transports into the context of art with great subtlety.

For Pin, Jenni Tischer has developed an exhibition route in which the formal idioms of minimalist sculpture come up against the history and practice of work with textiles. Pedestals made of colored panels of fabric in adaptable sizes cut across the gallery like unrolled scrolls. Interlocking walls and floor, they display a number of sculptures: open cubes that feature netting like that found on the seats of chairs, and objects whose materiality or form allude to weaving frames and pin cushions.

In Pin, Tischer, who lives in Berlin, addresses fundamental questions: as to the definition of media and the information they can transmit; as to how work processes are inscribed in materials and surfaces; and also why textiles are now again gaining increasing significance as a field of discourse and practice in our so thoroughly digital world. Tischer’s exhibition lays out a space between pins (needles) and PINs (personal identification numbers), giving rise to thought both on the memory of materials and on the encoding of identity.

Jenni Tischer's works are exhibited at mumok, Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, until 1st February 2015. For more information:

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