Roter Feuermelder

Corporate Responsibility

Baloise believes it has a responsibility to society in its role as a corporate citizen and it also encourages its employees to play their part.

Voluntary activities are very important to Baloise. As a Swiss company it has a special relationship with the Milizsystem, in which it falls to volunteers to run numerous public offices. Without this system large parts of cultural, social and political life in Switzerland would cease to function, be it at municipal, cantonal or national level. Baloise regularly holds events at its headquarters that are aimed at encouraging employees to volunteer.

Baloise is also a signatory to the declaration by economiesuisse and the Swiss Employers' Association, which underlines the importance of the Milizsystem. This declaration presents Baloise with an obligation and a responsibility to support the voluntary activities of its employees in the best way that it can.

But Baloise also does a great deal of work as a company to actively benefit society and individual communities.

Since 2013, for example, it has given its employees in Switzerland the opportunity to do valuable voluntary work in the community and environmental sectors. These diverse projects have involved cleaning up an alpine meadow in a UNESCO biosphere reserve, assisting with the Basel city run and building a stone wall on Mount Chasseral.

Once a year Baloise Insurance in Belgium helps out at a centre for young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Each employee gives up one day's annual leave for this.

Every year Baloise employees in Belgium and Luxembourg raise money at the Christmas markets, with the proceeds going to community-based organisations.

And employees across the group are involved in countless other activities of all sizes that benefit society as a whole.