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Baloise as an employer

As an employer Baloise fosters a corporate culture that is focused on people. It gives its employees scope to contribute to the success of the company and to develop both personally and professionally.

The workforce is key to implementing the new corporate strategy. That is why Baloise wants to become an employer of choice in its industry. Progress will be measured by a performance indicator that shows how often Baloise is recommended as an employer.


Baloise is a modern and dependable employer. It challenges and develops its staff. And through apprenticeships, management training programmes and internships, it offers a range of options for people who want to embark upon a career in insurance. In Switzerland and Germany, Baloise focuses heavily on offering apprenticeships that combine on-the-job training with formal education.

Find out more about your career at the Baloise Group and its national subsidiaries.

  • Fair pay

    Baloise’s employees should be rewarded for their performance, including through monetary compensation. Baloise therefore offers performance- and target-oriented remuneration packages that are based on fair principles and an established framework of performance management. The packages consist of competitive base salaries and a range of variable remuneration components as well as attractive employee incentives and loyalty bonuses.Remuneration is determined by the following criteria:

    • Competitiveness in the marketplace
    • Individual performance and the Company’s success
    • Fairness and transparency
    • Sustainability
  • Talent development

    Development is a continuous process, not an annual event. Things are changing all the time – including the environment in which Baloise’s employees work. Which is why, going forward, Baloise will be putting even more emphasis on developing its staff. The performance and talent development process was revised and simplified in order to achieve this. The following two components are at the heart of the process:

    • Regular one-to-one meetings between managers and employees ensure continuous learning and provide clarity about common objectives. They are the central element in an ongoing dialogue focused on performance and development targets.
    • In the established annual process of talent development for high-potential employees, Baloise identifies talented young employees and key individuals, finds potential successors and agrees development activities.
  • Flexible working options

    Baloise is committed to offering every employee suitable working conditions in addition to encouraging their development, engaging in honest dialogue with them and giving them the opportunity to help shape the company. This is reflected in its flexible working models, which include options to work part-time and from home, its company crèche and its wide-ranging corporate health management service.

  • Maternity leave - Paternity leave

    We offer maternity and paternity leave in all our national subsidiaries. The duration depends on the respective local legislation and varies as follows:


    Maternity leave:

    • Up to completion of the 2nd year of service: 100 calendar days
    • As of the 3rd year of service: 130 calendar days
    • An additional 30 days on return to the workplace within 12 months

    Paternity leave: 5 days after the birth


    • Maternity leave: in total 15 weeks (at least one week before the date of birth)
    • Paternity leave: 10 days after the birth

    Parental leave (can be taken by the mother or father)

    • 4 months’ full-time parental leave
    • or 20% reduction of the working hours per week for 20 months
    • or 50% reduction of the work activity for 8 months


    Maternity leave:

    • 6 weeks before the birth
    • 8 weeks after the birth

    The paternity leave automatically counts towards the parental leave that applies to the father as well as the mother. The parental leave varies between one and three years and can be taken split into various periods. During the parental leave period, a work activity of up to 30 hours per week is possible.


    Maternity leave:

    • 8 weeks before the birth
    • 12 weeks after the birth

    Paternity leave:

    • 10 days (notification necessary 2 months before the birth)

    Parental leave:

    • 6 months’ full-time parental leave
    • or 4 months’ full-time parental leave
    • or 50% reduction of the work activity for 8 or 12 months
    • or 20% reduction of the working hours per week for 20 months
  • Friendly Workspace

    Baloise sets high standards in Switzerland with its “Friendly Work Space” award and its commitment to corporate health management. As a Friendly WorkSpace company, Baloise attaches great importance to professional and personal respect and in cultivating a respectful motivating work atmosphere. Baloise achieved the best score of 4.3 out of 5 and is therefore the leading employer in the financial services sector.

  • Code of Conduct

More than numbers – people at Baloise

  • 7,286 employees work at Baloise Group

  • 245 of them are apprentices, trainees or interns

  • 43.5% of our employees are women

  • 13.0 years is the average length of employment at our company

as of December 31, 2017