Vier Bäume, die unterschiedlich bewuchert sind als Symbol für die vier Jahreszeiten


As a signatory to the United Nations Environment Programme declaration for the insurance industry, Baloise is strongly committed to reducing its impact on the environment.

  • Baloise ist building sustainable offices that will appeal to employees as well as state-of-the-art hotel

    In a project scheduled for completion in 2020 Baloise is erecting three new buildings in the area between Aeschengraben, Parkweg and Nauenstrasse in Basel. The buildings are to be the defining landmark of the train station district and reflect Baloise’s commitment to the city. The area, which will be called Baloise Park, will function as an open campus for Baloise employees, third-party tenants and the local population. A public square is being created where the Hilton hotel currently stands. The tower being built on Aeschengraben, which will be around 90 metres in height, will mainly be occupied by the new hotel. The top seven floors will be rented out as office space. Baloise is basing its designs for the buildings on the standards for sustainable construction in Switzerland (SNBS), which means it will comfortably exceed the legal requirements in terms of energy efficiency.

  • Electromobility for customer and staff

    Baloise is taking its first steps towards zero-emission travel. In 2015 an attractive package was introduced that enabled staff in Switzerland to purchase or lease an electric car. Since 2015, employees have also been able to charge their electric vehicles for free during working hours. A total of 16 staff parking spaces in Basel have been equipped with charging facilities. Visitors travelling to Baloise’s new customer centre in an electric car can charge their vehicle for free at a fast-charging station in the visitor car park. At the offices in Zurich and Bern charging points will be made available in the first half of 2016. A zero-emission electric minibus connects Baloise headquarters with the temporary offices at which over 500 employees are working while Baloise Park is being built.

  • Solar energy for electromobility and heating

    The spring of 2015 saw solar panels with a total output of 21 kWp being installed on one of the flat roofs of the Company’s head office building in Basel. As well as heating the new access ramp to the building the panels generate enough additional electricity to power around 55,000 km of electric vehicle journeys.

  • 100 per cent of Baloise's electricity will be generated by hydropower from 2016

    In 2015 an analysis was carried out of electricity consumption at Baloise’s Swiss offices. This led to a decision being made to run the larger offices using only Swiss-generated hydropower from 1 January 2016. This underlines Baloise’s commitment to sustainability and the Swiss brand value.

  • Systematic roll-out of modern workstations

    The new workstations that have been trialled since summer 2014 were rolled out at the headquarters of Basler Switzerland. Now 600 employees can find a desk where they can work quietly as well as rooms for communicating and working efficiently as a team. Since last year, 400 of the more than 1,100 employees working at Baloise in Belgium have been working from home one day a week. In addition to the positive effects resulting from the more efficient use of office space and reduction in energy consumption, employees are given a weekly break from their commute, which in some cases can be very stressful.

  • Energy Efficiency at Baloise

    The total energy and resource consumption revealed by the environmental audit shows the amounts used by the Baloise Group’s large office buildings and its computer centres. The figures reported relate to the energy and resources used by 77 per cent of the 7,387 people working for the Baloise Group. Consumption of energy for heating and consumption of electricity per employee were each reduced by a further 10 per cent. Optimisation of internal business processes at all national Baloise companies resulted in a further 15 per cent decrease in paper consumption. As a responsible corporate citizen, Baloise is both obliged and motivated to use resources efficiently in the face of environmental changes.

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