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Baloise takes its corporate and social responsibility seriously and is committed to sustainability. It firmly believes that culture enriches life.

Which is why the Baloise companies are traditionally active in the spheres of culture and sport. They support numerous institutions and causes that play a key role in society in their respective regions.

Sponsorships are the ideal platform for the Baloise companies to enter into dialogue with customers and partners. Baloise is therefore often active in areas where the mutual benefit for both sides is considerable. This enables it to offer its stakeholders exclusive experiences, while the recipient of the sponsorship has a reliable partner in Baloise that gives them a long-term commitment and security. These activities are focused heavily on anchoring the institutions and their traditions and causes at local level.

As well as supporting established and traditional institutions and causes, Baloise always endeavours to help the development of young, rising talents, whether in the cultural sector or in sports.

Baloise Session

Since 2013, Basler Switzerland has been the principle sponsor of BALOISE SESSION - the successful Basler Insurance music festival with an unmistakeable, intimate club table atmosphere.

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