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What is innovation?

Business Innovation, Open Innovation, Disruptive Innovation - everyone is talking about innovation. But what does the trend word actually mean?


Three questions for ... Plug and Play

With that, innovation is key. Innovation is about being creative. It is the application of novel ideas that enable human beings (not just corporations) to stay relevant.


2020: "Becoming essential to people's lives" (EN)

...innovation 12 › Focused innovation strategy & full innovation pipeline: around 100 initiatives launched with focus on the Home and Mobility ecosystems › Innovative and entrepreneurial mindset instilled: invest, acquire, partner, incubate and develop to ensure Baloise’s relevance in future markets › Launch and scaling of FRIDAY: has grown into the leading digital insurer in Germany Innovation...

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C-Level Insights: Innovation

This is important, as the resulting innovations highlight to us as a company the potential that lies in the digital transformation of society and where the future might take us.


CreaLab – innovation meets sustainability

...innovation lecture in its Business Economics course. In groups, the students worked on questions on the subjects of innovation, sustainability and Smart Region posed to them by Baloise and other...


Why is innovation important?

Those who do not innovate cannot survive in the long term: Particularly in a small, open country like Switzerland, companies must continuously develop and adapt to situational conditions through in...


Claims management – becoming a Game Changer thanks to innovation

Claims management is literally becoming a playground for innovation. It is always very exciting and inspiring for us insurers to work together with start-ups.


Strategy Map (EN)

...m e a m ajor strategic pillar. • Open Innovation Funnel: Since 2016 w e have invested CHF 200 m n in new innovations, which look set to generate CHF 50 m n revenue in 2020.

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Baloise named the most innovative Swiss insurance company

Gallen, the Swiss Brokers Association and EY Switzerland, awards the Innovation Prize annually. Baloise was awarded the prize this year. The exceptional cooperation with various start-ups was the d...