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Why Embedded Insurance is a Game Changer for Insurers and their Customers

As one example, insurance technology platform innovator, Trov, partnered with self-driving tech company Waymo to implement an on-demand insurance engine to automatically insure all passengers of th...


Baloise@BasGame | Insurance meets Board Game

The growth in board games on the market also means more diversification in terms of innovative mechanics and exciting stories – there is something for every player.


2017: Helvea – Swiss Equities Conference

...nsurance – An overview of selected projects Think tank › Think tank to deliver innovation › Pipeline full of projects for taking the company forward Mobile Insure...

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Bâloise Assurances Insurance for private and corporate customers. Bâloise Vie Luxembourg Tailor-made solutions for financial and real estate planning strategy.


2011: Berenberg Bank - European Conference

...safety» Safety through Behavioural Finance advisory  Unique client consulting based on innovative Behavioural Finance principles  Developed together with the universities of St.

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2017: Baader Investment Conference

...cus on customer needs to become the first choice for people who want to feel "simply safe" – Tailored omnichannel communication and innovative products and services › Shareholders – Continue to pursue an attractive dividend policy and repurchase up to three ...

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Investor Day 2020

In this section, the speakers highlight how an established culture of innovation and the diversification of the business are securing the long-term future of Baloise as an insurance company.


Factsheet Baloise Group 2014

The Company uses its competence centre in Luxembourg to run its business in innovative pension products for private customers throughout Europe.

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Media information Baloise Art Prize 2014

Baloise operates its innovative pension plan business for private customers throughout Europe with its competence centre in Luxembourg. Bâloise Holding Ltd. shares are quoted in the main segm...

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