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Baloise for Life – our annual Christmas campaign

At the Christmas fundraising campaign "Baloise for Life", we collect money for a good cause together with our employees and partners.


Enhancement of our sustainable investment approach

We understand responsible investment as the inclusion of selected sustainability criteria in our investment decisions. As well as incorporating ESG criteria, exercising our voting rights and exclud...


What does Baloise do for the Environment?

Even amid the coronavirus crisis, we have not lost sight of sustainability. Today on World Environment Day, we highlight our contribution to the protection of the environment and the climate and wh...


Providing aid is a matter of course at Baloise - even during the Corona crisis

Getreu unserer nachhaltigen Geschäftsführung unterstützen wir mit unseren Corona-Initiativen unseren Kunden, Mitarbeitende, Partner und die Gesellschaft an all unseren Standorten.


The benefits of holidaying in your home country

Holidays during times of the coronavirus often means holidaying in your own country, which has many benefits.


Dandelion Dementia Centre | How plants and satisfied employees improve residents’ quality of life

Dandelion has been a Baloise customer for more than 20 years – a successful cooperation that we are proud of: the article takes a look at what our customer does day in, day out for its residents an...


“Bags to the Future” – entering the next strategic phase with a sense of responsibility

Ein elementarer Teil unserer Strategie ist das Thema Nachhaltigkeit. Wir freuen uns darauf, unsere sechs Versprechen für mehr Nachhaltigkeit in diesem Rahmen zu präsentieren. Bevor es soweit ist, n...


Helping women advance | Equal opportunities for a successful future

In future, women must account for a third of all promotions given and positions filled at Baloise every year. In this article, Andreas Burckhardt, Chairman of the Board of Directors, talks about th...


We want diversity at all levels | Women’s Board Award 2020

The Women’s Board Award was bestowed for the first time in Switzerland in 2019. Baloise will once again be participating as a main sponsor this year. Together, we are committed to promoting the app...


Constructive collaboration results in public playground

A new playground has been created at the Baloise “Kirchgarten” development in Laufen. The project is proof that we achieve the best results when we work together.