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Professional sport 2020 – we are a reliable partner

Baloise supports the three athletes Sabrina Jaquet, Maria Ugolkova and Sandra Stöckli. This type of cooperative partnership is important to us because it allows us to sustainably generate added val...


The benefits of holidaying in your home country

Holidays during times of the coronavirus often means holidaying in your own country, which has many benefits.


What does Baloise do for the Environment?

Even amid the coronavirus crisis, we have not lost sight of sustainability. Today on World Environment Day, we highlight our contribution to the protection of the environment and the climate and wh...


Working from home – safely, securely and productively? Tips and tricks from our digital pathfinders

Flexible working will be with us long into the future as a key element of the modern working world. Our digital pathfinders share their own experience to help us work safely, securely and productiv...


Baloise: A partner supporting young political engagement

As a partner of the “Change Switzerland!” campaign, we are committed to fostering political engagement among young people, allowing them to make their voice heard. This article talks about why prom...


Renewable energies | Our customer makes it possible

Münch Energie has been facilitating renewable energy solutions with electricity from photovoltaic systems since 2004. Its objective? To convince people of the advantages of sustainable energy, ther...


World Oceans Day: «Leave nothing but bubbles»

World Oceans Day is held on 8 June each year. The event is intended to highlight the importance of the oceans and their protection for all life on earth.


What is Art Basel?

Art Basel is an international art fair and platform that brings artists and art enthusiasts together. Since the fair could not take place last year, it is being held again this year in September. W...


Unconscious bias: What glasses are you wearing today?

People always see the world through the lens of their own identity. This lens is characterised by cognitive patterns of thought that affect their judgement: unconscious biases. Since these biases a...


Enhancement of our sustainable investment approach

We understand responsible investment as the inclusion of selected sustainability criteria in our investment decisions. As well as incorporating ESG criteria, exercising our voting rights and exclud...