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Democracy has to be constantly renewed

Switzerland’s direct democracy relies to a considerable degree on citizens’ engagement and involvement in political discourse. This is an area in which the “Change Switzerland!” initiative organise...


The future is electric | Building charging stations for more sustainability

We are equipping our parking spaces with charging stations for electric cars. In doing so, we are supporting electromobility and helping to make mobility in Switzerland more sustainable.


The Baloise Digital Pathfinders | Know-how for working from home

Many people are currently spending most, if not all, of their time working from home. At Baloise, we are convinced that flexible working will be with us long into the future as a key element of the...


IV training at Baloise | Successful reintegration into the job market

Baloise’s Federal Disability Insurance (IV) training helps employees returning to work to integrate into the job market successfully. Working in close cooperation with the Federal Disability Insura...


Environment: our commitment to climate protection

Our environmental policy combines the responsible use of resources, energy efficiency and CO2 reduction in our business with a responsible investment policy that focuses on climate-friendly industr...


Baloise Corporate Social Responsibility 2021

In 2021, we continued our wide range of social commitment activities. We explain the reasons behind Baloise’s commitment to charitable causes and the areas in which we are active.


Boosting security with “good” hackers

Attacks performed by hired hackers, referred to as penetration tests, help Baloise to identify and close security gaps and equip itself for the future.


We offset our unavoidable CO2 emissions

Our activities as a company result in greenhouse gas emissions and thus contribute to climate change. In this article, we report on how we compensate for our unavoidable CO2 emissions and present o...


“Nature conservation means preserving the basis of our lives” | Partnership with natur&ëmwelt

The foundation “Hëllef fir d’Natur von natur&ëmwelt” works to preserve our natural ecosystems through practical nature conservation. We talk about why everyone should be interested in nature conser...


Sustainability communication

This is the crux: not everything that seems sustainable at first glance is sustainable. We’re all guilty of it: How often do we take a coffee-to-go and then throw the cup away?