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Innovations in the area of sustainability

Selection of our innovations in our core insurance and banking business and within our Mobility, Home, Financial Needs and Business Services ecosystems - from our startups Friday and MOVU to our in...


What is sustainability?

There are however additional dimensions that may be influenced by sustainability concepts. Recently emerging areas include political sustainability and digital sustainability.


Sustainability is reflected in the business model

After all, sustainability is not something anyone can achieve on their own. Sustainability is a topic that plays a part in almost all departments of Baloise.


What is responsible investment?

...sustainably requires a general understanding of what “sustainability” actually means in the context of investment. Should you always aim to generate as high a return as possible, keep the risks as low as possible or invest in companies which contribute to sustainable...


Food Waste| 4 things, you can do

However, have a look at what we are already doing at Baloise on the subject of sustainability and where our journey is heading – stay tuned! https://www.bafu.admin.ch/bafu/de/home/dokumentation/me...


What is Corporate Social Responsiblity?

This means that Baloise also bears responsibility for helping our society develop sustainably. The common goal of all our different activities is to give something back to society and make a contri...


What is rubbish – and what isn’t?

Out of sight, out of mind: The average Swiss person throws away roughly 721 kg of waste a year. That is about 2 kg of waste per person per day – a whole heap of rubbish.


What is ART?

As part of the Baloise Group’s sustainability strategy, art is given great importance when it comes to providing additional benefits to society. Art is the best way to understand the world’s culture.


What is a life cycle assessment?

...vertheless focusing on raising awareness and providing background information and tips on a range of issues relating to sustainable development, some of which can also be applied to our home lives.


What is the Baloise Session?

As well as being a chance to get up close and personal with the stars in an intimate atmosphere, what makes the Baloise Session particularly special is the fact that it combines several concerts wi...