About us


What is a life cycle assessment?

Just like a commercial balance sheet, a life cycle assessment shows incomings and outgoings. But instead of focusing on cash flows, it looks at the material and energy flows associated with a parti...


What is responsible investment?

We understand responsible investing also as to include factors such as ESG factors in our investment decisions.


What is diversity?

Diversity is all about variety. It is one of the factors that shapes our unique corporate culture here at Baloise and one of the factors in our success. In a corporate context, diversity can refer ...


What is ART?

Art doesn’t just refer to artwork. ART also denotes the world-famous art fair in Basel, ART Basel. To us, art means much more than just pretty pictures and extravagant artists.


Diversity and inclusion at Baloise to mark UNESCO World Day for Cultural Diversity

As a specialised agency of the United Nations, UNESCO has designated 21 May as World Day for Cultural Diversity. We plan to take this special day as an opportunity to showcase how Baloise is incorp...


Baloise Insurance identified as an outstanding employer once again

Thanks to its corporate health management, Baloise Insurance has once again been awarded the Friendly Work Space label in 2020. The label is given to organisations that systematically advocate for ...


Dividends as a key signal of stability in times of crisis

Companies that reliably distribute dividends to their shareholders symbolise security. Particularly in times of crisis, like the current coronavirus crisis, the distribution of planned dividends is...


Fighting COVID-19 with #VersusVirus

During the 48-hour hackathon #VersusVirus, Jonas was able to gain valuable experience which will have an impact on his CatchAHero initiative, a solution for the challenges surrounding the coronavir...


Health – a precious asset

In these extraordinary times we are using World Health Day to raise awareness around the issue of health – both as it relates to the novel coronavirus and otherwise.


Back to work | Sustainable reintegration with Baloise

It happens faster, and more often, than we think – an illness that stops someone from doing their work. A situation like this will give rise to questions such as: Who will pay my salary if I can’t ...