Strategy and brand

Strategy and brand

Strategic business development

Building on a strong foundation

For more than 150 years, Baloise has made its customers safer. With its focus on risk-aware target customers and its unique selling proposition, the “Safety World”, Baloise operates from a solid platform with high cash flow generation and strong capitalisation.

  • Safety World

    “Making you safer.” is the promise we make our customers. The smart combination of insurance and innovative safety solutions gives us a unique product range that wins over our risk-aware target customers.

  • Target customer management

    Our target customer management sets new benchmarks for our industry. The systematic focus on risk-aware customers is deeply embedded in our culture, in terms of guiding behaviour, processes and remuneration schemes, and provides us with one of the most profitable insurance portfolios in Europe.

  • High cash flow generation

    By consistently implementing our strategy, we have created a robust business model that has ensured reliable profitability, even during the recent capital market crises.

  • Strong capitalisation

    Thanks to the high reliability of our business model, our balance sheet and capitalisation are rock solid. This has also been the basis of our reliable and attractive dividend policy for more than a decade.

Four focus areas

The focus areas form the next step in our strategic business development. Starting from the strong foundation we established over the past decade, we aim to expand our core strengths and drive growth and profitability to a new level.

  • Growth

    • Enhance target customer and target broker management
    • New pricing skills
    • New growth areas
  • Efficiency

    • Group-wide benchmarking to identify areas for improvement
    • Systematic business process optimisation
    • Structural improvements
  • Life

    • Innovative products
    • Adapt new business to ongoing low-interest environment
    • Enhance value of the in-force business
  • Non-life

    • Further strengthen operational excellence
    • Improve fraud detection and prevention
    • Further improvement of claims management processes

Brand Identity

The brand promise defines what the Baloise brand stands for and the brand personality defines how the brand acts and communicates.

Graphic to visualize the brand promise, the brand personality and the brand essence of the Baloise Group.

What is the ambition of the Baloise brand?

Baloise wants to be the first choice for all those who wish to feel safer. Our customers should always have peace of mind and a sense of reassurance and safety. We want our customers to feel completely safe with Baloise at their side as a reliable partner. This means that we have to consistently align our services and products to the needs of our customers.

What does the brand promise?

The Baloise brand stands for safety, simplicity and partnership. Safety is the core promise and provides the foundation for every benefit, every service and every product. Simplicity expresses our ambition to offer an outstanding customer experience with simple products, easy processes and clear communication. Partnership is one of our biggest emotional strengths. It is based on appreciation and value creation. We nurture and strengthen our relationships with all our stakeholder groups.

How does the brand want to be seen?

Our brand personality defines how Baloise acts and communicates: reliable, easy to interact with and caring for you. We are competent and steadfast and act with quiet confidence and honesty. This makes us a reliable partner who is there for our customers when they need us. We communicate clearly and respond quickly to our stakeholder groups. We take a direct approach and always try to make things easier.  As a committed partner we want to understand the needs of our customers and work to find suitable solutions.