Strategy and brand

Strategy and brand

The Simply Safe strategy is about more than just insurance

Baloise is launching its new strategy and its targets up to 2021 under the banner of Simply Safe. Against a backdrop of changing conditions in the insurance sector, Baloise is thus evolving into an innovative provider of solutions that expand its core business and extend beyond traditional insurance. Customer focus is at the core of the new strategy. But it’s not just about covering and insuring risks; it’s about addressing the wider needs of customers in a changing society. In 2017 the Company is beginning its journey towards future growth with this clear perspective and with three simple yet ambitious objectives focused on employees, customers and shareholders.

  • Customers

    Baloise is becoming the first choice for people who want to feel ‘simply safe’. An even stronger focus on customer needs, tailored omnichannel communication and innovative products and services in the areas of insurance, assistance and pensions will help Baloise to attract an additional one million customers by 2021. This would represent an increase of 30 per cent on 2016.

  • Employees

    The workforce is key to implementing the new corporate strategy. That is why Baloise wants to become an employer of choice in its industry. Progress will be measured by a performance indicator that shows how often Baloise is recommended as an employer.

  • Shareholders

    Thanks to sustained improvements in profitability in its life business and its banking business, as well as innovative products and services such as the Mobile Insurer, cash of CHF 2 billion will flow into Bâloise Holding between now and 2021. This benefits shareholders directly because Baloise will continue to pursue its attractive dividend policy and will repurchase three million treasury shares. Indirectly, shareholders will benefit from targeted capital investment in new strategic projects that will generate additional profits in existing and new areas of business.

  • Sustainable business management

    The key success factors in the new strategy will be the strong core business and the unique corporate culture that exists among the around 7,300 Baloise employees in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. Baloise aims to establish an agile and entrepreneurial corporate culture in which its employees, on a daily basis, see the world through the eyes of the customer. The idea is to develop services and solutions that go beyond the traditional insurance business.

    The new strategy is in line with principles of corporate responsibility and sustainable business management, an approach that Baloise has pursued for a number of years now. The new focus on the customer goes beyond that of a traditional service provider. For this reason, greater importance needs to be attached to the society in which the customers – but also Baloise as a Company – exist. Baloise believes that this new strategy will bolster its efforts to make further improvements in the area of sustainable business management.

Brand Identity

The brand promise defines what the Baloise brand stands for and the brand personality defines how the brand acts and communicates.

Graphic to visualize the brand promise, the brand personality and the brand essence of the Baloise Group.

What is the ambition of the Baloise brand?

Baloise wants to be the first choice for all those who wish to feel safer. Our customers should always have peace of mind and a sense of reassurance and safety. We want our customers to feel completely safe with Baloise at their side as a reliable partner. This means that we have to consistently align our services and products to the needs of our customers.

What does the brand promise?

The Baloise brand stands for safety, simplicity and partnership. Safety is the core promise and provides the foundation for every benefit, every service and every product. Simplicity expresses our ambition to offer an outstanding customer experience with simple products, easy processes and clear communication. Partnership is one of our biggest emotional strengths. It is based on appreciation and value creation. We nurture and strengthen our relationships with all our stakeholder groups.

How does the brand want to be seen?

Our brand personality defines how Baloise acts and communicates: reliable, easy to interact with and caring for you. We are competent and steadfast and act with quiet confidence and honesty. This makes us a reliable partner who is there for our customers when they need us. We communicate clearly and respond quickly to our stakeholder groups. We take a direct approach and always try to make things easier.  As a committed partner we want to understand the needs of our customers and work to find suitable solutions.