Strategy and brand

Strategy and brand

Strategic business development

Building on a strong foundation

For more than 150 years, Baloise has made its customers safer. With its focus on risk-aware target customers and its unique selling proposition, the “Safety World”, Baloise operates from a solid platform with high cash flow generation and strong capitalisation.

  • Safety World

    “Making you safer.” is the promise we make our customers. The smart combination of insurance and innovative safety solutions gives us a unique product range that wins over our risk-aware target customers.

  • Target customer management

    Our target customer management sets new benchmarks for our industry. The systematic focus on risk-aware customers is deeply embedded in our culture, in terms of guiding behaviour, processes and remuneration schemes, and provides us with one of the most profitable insurance portfolios in Europe.

  • High cash flow generation

    By consistently implementing our strategy, we have created a robust business model that has ensured reliable profitability, even during the recent capital market crises.

  • Strong capitalisation

    Thanks to the high reliability of our business model, our balance sheet and capitalisation are rock solid. This has also been the basis of our reliable and attractive dividend policy for more than a decade.

Four focus areas

The focus areas form the next step in our strategic business development. Starting from the strong foundation we established over the past decade, we aim to expand our core strengths and drive growth and profitability to a new level.

  • Growth

    • Enhance target customer and target broker management
    • New pricing skills
    • New growth areas
  • Efficiency

    • Group-wide benchmarking to identify areas for improvement
    • Systematic business process optimisation
    • Structural improvements
  • Life

    • Innovative products
    • Adapt new business to ongoing low-interest environment
    • Enhance value of the in-force business
  • Non-life

    • Further strengthen operational excellence
    • Improve fraud detection and prevention
    • Further improvement of claims management processes

Brand values and brand services

Our brand values

  • Swiss
    Baloise is proud of its Swiss origins. Since 1863. This means we combine reliability, humanism, solidity, tradition, financial strength and independence.
  • Innovative
    Our innovative drive gives us the necessary competitive edge. This is evident from our systematic, comprehensive focus on safety as well as our customer management. We create an environment that fosters innovation in every area.
  • Partnership
    Commitment to partnership is one of our biggest emotional strengths. It is based on recognising and creating added value. We work to nurture and deepen our relationships with all our stakeholders. So that we are always able to generate enthusiasm.

Our brand services

  • Safety
    Safety is our core achievement. Safety is behind every achievement, every service and every product. As a force which liberates energy, inspires and fosters.
  • Strength
    Baloise is a strong partner. Strong in terms of growth, returns and results. We can be relied on when it really counts, because our strength means we are a partner people can depend on.
  • Professionalism
    Baloise stands for professionalism. This allows us to produce top-quality performance. We are professional in our approach to our core business, our customers and our marketing. Because we know that professionalism brings inner peace.

Safety World

Experience the Safety World With Us: More than Insurance.

Our world is called "Safety World" because everything we do is centred around safety. In this, we deliberately go beyond the role of traditional insurance companies. Because we help ensure that nothing goes wrong in the first place. And if it does, we are right there. Quickly and professionally.

We bring safety within the reach of everyone having contact with us, everyday, everywhere we operate: for customers, employees, partners, shareholders and also for the general public.

By providing our safety solutions, we want to make a contribution to society and thus fulfil our responsibility.

We inspire and nurture our employees, so that they can keep this promise, day after day. That’s how we make an impact on our environment. With the result that we take our place as a unique and outstanding company. And this is how we grow to be a strong brand.