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Cyber Security
Baloise Digital Scouts Cyber Security
“The biggest weak point in any IT system is the user.”

We offer training in the form of talks on cyber risks to help prevent your system from being unintentionally compromised by your own employees. Employees who are aware of the risks associated with the Internet rarely fall victim to the harmful side effects of its use.

What is phishing? What other dangers lurk in the vastness of the Internet? And how can I protect myself and my company against them?

Our specialists answer these and other questions in their talks. The biggest cyber risks are presented on the basis of clear figures from recent years and reports of data breaches. This is followed by an explanation of how these incidents occurred, and what you can do to avoid the same fate. But what does it actually look like when a hacker gets to work? During a live hacking session, we show you how easy it is for a hacker to penetrate an inadequately protected system and take over control.

Two players test their knowledge of digitalisation issues in a quiz duel with buzzers. Four possible answers are shown for each question, only one of which is correct. The first player to press the buzzer gets to answer the question and wins a point with a correct answer. But be careful – a wrong answer wins a point for your opponent! Each player has a joker they can use once during the game, which hides two wrong answers. The first player with three points wins the game.
The Digital Survival Quiz is ideally suited to being set up at a larger event such as a trade fair or conference, and testing visitors’ knowledge in a fun way. The quiz is presented and run by our Scouts, who are also happy to answer any additional questions about digitalisation.

The Digital Scouts are mobile, and can visit you at your location to give the required talk. Whether for staff training, your sports or leisure club’s monthly meeting or even a customer event, the subject is always an interesting one that needs to be addressed and discussed. This is also why we are available after the event to clarify any further questions and share insights.

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Download Cyber Security Guides

Download Cyber Security Guide

The Cyber Security Guides provide you with information on the risks and dangers of everyday Internet use. The brochure is available in three versions. The Cyber Security Guide for individuals and specifically for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As more and more employees are working outside the office, we have also produced a brochure with tips and tricks for working from home.

Tips and tricks for working from home

Cyber Security Guide for individuals

Cyber Security Guide for SMEs