“Alexa, play Michael Jackson from Spotify on Sonos.”

A short phrase and a reach for the smartphone, the opening of the Spotify app, searching and finding the music by the King of Pop and playing it on the speakers is all carried out in a matter of seconds by Alexa. The coffee machine turns on automatically as you walk in the kitchen, and the blinds go down as soon as the intelligent front door notices that all of the residents are out of the house.

But how secure is a smart home like this with all its connected objects?

Smart Home

We also asked ourselves this question and set up a small intelligent living room, with the aforementioned smart home assistant at its core. The lamps, a weather station and a Sonos speaker are all connected to this assistant via the network, and the assistant can also be used to control them. We also installed a smart TV and other smaller elements, which we will present during a tour of our smart apartment.

Once we’ve introduced you to all of these exciting and useful components of the smart home, one of our specialists will explain the possible dangers. Unfortunately, there are quite a few of them, because the objects are connected to the Internet via your network and are easy to find. We want to encourage you to be careful when installing elements connected to the Internet, and to ask for professional help in case of doubt.

And what is special about our smart home? It’s mobile. In addition to a range of internal events, it has also been set up as a trade fair stand.