Baloise Digital Scouts

Workshop for senior citizens

How should I be using my iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet?

  • Which settings are necessary or recommended?
  • Who or what are Siri and Alexa?
  • How does a video conference work?

You use portable devices to stay in touch with family and friends. You can share emails, voice messages, photos and videos with them, make video calls and manage appointments in an electronic calendar.
But depending on which device or programme you use, other knowledge is required.

With the Baloise Digital Scouts you will learn how to adapt the device to meet your personal needs – make the font larger or use the voice assistant to find out about the current weather situation, for example.

What we offer

Workshop für Senioren rund um Smartphone und Tablet

Several older people look at a smartphone together

Duration: approx. 2.5 hours with break

The Baloise Digital Scouts are employees of the Baloise Group who enjoy sharing their knowledge with society on a voluntary basis. With a focus on raising awareness and prevention in the area of digitalisation, this service is of course offered free of charge.