Customer satisfaction

Our consistent focus on customer needs makes us the top choice for anyone who simply wants to feel safer.

“Sustainability at Baloise has three angles: people, the environment and the company. When it comes to people, we need trust-based relationships which help us as a whole both with employees and customers. The environment must always be taken into careful consideration. We must treat the world and its resources conscientiously. This starts with the food at the canteen and ends with investments in large international groups. However, in order to establish long-term benefits, we must exist in the long term too. Our core business must be profitable and sustainable to provide our customers with valuable solutions.”

Kevin Brand, Product management Corporate Customers

Consistent customer focus

Positive customer experiences not only contribute toward our strategic goal of acquiring one million new customers by 2021, but also represent the direct impact of our consistent customer focus. Our customer satisfaction department unites the field of Touchpoint Management (TPM) with complaints and document management, and has been viewed as our customers’ mouthpiece since 2010. It is used to continuously improve the customer experience.

In addition to personal contact during a customer visit, customer touchpoints can also be, for example, Customer Service calls, our online presence or our documents such as letters or forms.

We use various different tools to increase customer satisfaction levels and to obtain our customers’ viewpoints. These include our Customer Advisory Board, customer surveys, customer journeys, usability testing for online touchpoints and mirroring for qualitative reviews of customer experiences. We also continuously review new options for collecting our customer’s feedback in a prompt and authentic manner. In addition, complaints allow us to view direct customer feedback which provides us with unfiltered customer opinions and thus valuable information to optimise our customer touchpoints.

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