As an employer, Baloise cultivates an employee-oriented corporate culture.

“For me, sustainability means that Baloise keeps a social mindset in its dealings with employees, pays attention to ecological production when purchasing physical resources and invests in climate-friendly and long-term asset management. A step away from short-term profit optimisation towards securing the social idea of an insurer.”

Jan Spörri, Claims Department

What distinguishes us

As an employer, Baloise cultivates an employee-oriented corporate culture. It offers employees the freedom to make their own contribution to the success of the company and to develop both personally and professionally.

The workforce is key to implementing the new corporate strategy. That is why Baloise wants to become an employer of choice in its industry. Development is measured by a performance indicator that indicates how often Baloise is recommended as an employer.

We are currently enjoying an exciting journey from a rich past to a successful future. Our path is called change – in our culture, in our working methods, in the technologies which impact our environment and the customer needs we serve. Our employees are enthusiastic about facing this strategic journey together, about learning and growing. We stand out through our value culture, work environment and development focus, which are based on fair remuneration:

Value culture

An environment in which our values are not just written on slides, but lived by every day, and in which we promote a respectful, non-hierarchical “equal footing attitude”.

Working environment

An environment characterised by a high degree of collaboration, personal responsibility and freedom.

Development focus

An environment in which we all continue learning and developing, shape the way and leave our tracks.


Our culture and the cultural change, which implies our “Simply Safe” strategy, are not only determined and established by the management team, but also significantly by our employees. In order to follow our strategy in terms of deeds, 200 highly committed and networked employees developed the Baloise Code, which promotes cultural change across all hierarchies and makes it tangible. The Baloise Code is consistent with the Baloise behavioural values: “Put yourself in others’ shoes”, “Behave authentically and gain trust”, “Develop and involve – yourself and others”

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Within our strategic orientation Simply Safe, our main focus is our strong core business as well as our unique corporate culture with respect to the approximately 7,300 employees at Baloise. Diversity is key to achieving great collaboration and a positive corporate culture. Our future success depends significantly on the varying expertise and characteristics of our employees. This is why it is essential for us to support the diversity of our employees – simply diverse.

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Baloise supports its employees when it comes to diversity and aims to continue encouraging open dialogue of the various topics related to diversity and inclusion.

An example of our open approach to the topic of LGTBQ is the interview with CEO Angela Matthes (Baloise Life Liechtenstein) (German only)

“Sustainability is a broad term that can be viewed from many different angles. One aspect that should not be forgotten is the sustainable approach to employees. This includes, in particular, attention to gender and generation diversity, such as the labelling of our employee badges, as well as sensitisation to personal prejudices, such as inappropriate remarks about colleagues’ origins, to strengthening team cohesion through workshops and team events.”

Jennifer-May Ihlow, Actuarial Office


Baloise is a modern and reliable employer. It challenges and encourages its employees. It also offers apprentices, trainees and interns a wide range of opportunities to start their careers in the world of insurance. In Switzerland and Germany, it relies heavily on dual vocational training as a training company.

Fair remuneration

Talent development

Flexible working time models

Maternity and paternity leave

Friendly Workspace

Code of Conduct


  • 7,203 employees work at Baloise Group
  • 283 of them are apprentices, trainees or interns
  • 43.6% of our employees are women
  • 12.9 years is the average length of employment at our company

as of December 31, 2018

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