Product Management

Our products help our customers make climate-friendly decisions – and make them safer.

Our customers are increasingly opting to make environmentally friendly purchases and investments, for example by buying electric vehicles or modernising their buildings so that they meet the latest environmental standards. Our insurance products help them make these decisions.

Examples of Baloise products that help our customers make environmentally aware decisions include our electric car insurance, our e-bike and bike insurance, and our “BaloiseCombi Building” building insurance. With the “Building” safety module, Baloise provides a modernisation budget in cases involving a total loss that is covered by the policy corresponding to 10% of the value of the building (up to a maximum of CHF 50,000) for value-increasing investments. Examples of such investments include:

  • Structural measures based on the latest Swiss Minergie sustainable building standard

  • Use of environmentally friendly and healthy construction materials

  • Heating systems based on renewable energy sources (e.g. photovoltaic installations, geothermal probe)

  • Measures for a more comfortable home (e.g. more modern kitchen, senior-friendly living)

Climate change is making our climate increasingly difficult to predict. This is a risk that we want to protect our customers from. Baloise’s household insurance covers natural hazards such as high water, storm and hail, as well as destruction, damage or loss due to earthquakes.

The FRI:DAY start-up in Germany, part of the Baloise Group, also offers a climate-neutral car insurance tariff that offsets the CO2 emissions produced by your own vehicle. In cooperation with myclimate, the ECO contribution included in the tariff is invested in selected and certified climate protection projects.

For those drivers who only cover short distances or do not use their car at all on a regular basis, FRI:DAY offers the ideal solution: Germany’s very first and only car insurance policy with a premium that is based on the exact distance covered by the vehicle.

In Switzerland, we are collaborating with the company ryd on a pilot project to usher in the future of networked mobility. Selected customers are given a free ryd box that is installed in their car and makes vehicle data available via an app. Among other things, this also allows them to keep an eye on their consumption and rewards them for driving safely.

We operate on the Swiss, German, Belgian, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg markets. These markets do not give us access to low-income social groups in developed and/or developing countries. Baloise does, however, provide collective pensions in the markets it operates in, allowing it to make a contribution to social welfare.

While our products and services have geographical limits, it is important for us to explicitly emphasise that they are open to all customers in the target markets referred to above.

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