Simply Safe

Baloise and its Simply Safe strategic focus lie at the heart of the value creation model. Here, sustainability is closely linked to growth – our sustainable business management walks hand in hand with our economic goals.

The core element – our strategy

We have been safeguarding the needs and possessions of our customers by assuming risks since our founding in 1863.

Dr Andreas Burckhardt
Chairman of the Board of Directors

With Simply Safe, we as the entire Baloise Group are boldly striving for sustainable growth. We want to be the first choice for anyone who simply wants to feel safe – today and in the future. With this concentration and a heavy focus on customers and employees, Baloise emphasises that the aspects of sustainable management cannot be considered unconnected from a company’s business management.

Fundamentally sustainable

Insurance arose from the idea of mutually supportive communities. The strength of a supportive society corresponds to the total sense of responsibility of every individual member of the community. We are therefore always aware as an insurer of how important it is to take responsibility and put our actions at the service of sustainable development. Nothing about this has changed at its core since Baloise’s founding in the 19th century. Insurance companies are still based on a community of insured persons. As Baloise, we coordinate and manage this community and look after it in the interest of the various stakeholders. Responsible and committed behaviour is also part of Baloise’s strategy, Simply Safe.

2021: What do we want to achieve?

One million additional customers

Baloise is becoming the first choice for people who want to feel ‘simply safe’. An even stronger focus on customer needs, tailored omni-channel communication and innovative products and services in the areas of insurance, assistance and pensions will help Baloise to attract an additional one million customers through 2021. This corresponds to a 30 per cent increase over 2016.

51% at the end of 2019


We create sustainable value.


Innovations of our strategic phase.