Das Bild zeigt zwei Personen, die sich gegenübersitzen. Die junge Frau mit dunklen Haaren und hellem Blazer sitzt mit dem Rücken zum Betrachter. Ein sich im mittleren Alter befindender Mann mit dunkeln Haaren lächelt seine Gesprächspartnerin offen an. Im Hintergrund ist eine Stehlampe auszumachen, die den Raum in ein warmes Licht taucht.

Compensation & benefits

Your remuneration

Abgebildet ist ein Arbeitsplatz mit Bildschirm und Tastatur. Eine linke Hand schreibt auf der Tastatur, die rechte Hand hält ein Blatt mit Diagrammen. Die dazu gehörige Persönlichkeit ist nicht sichtbar, jedoch erkennt man die Unterarme, die in einen dunklen Blazer gehüllt sind. Die Szenerie wird von hellem Licht durchflutet, was das Erkennen eines Hintergrundes verunmöglicht.

Your remuneration

Fair, transparent, sustainable and market-oriented – these are the principles upon which our remuneration system for employees is based. We also regularly make use of external salary benchmarks to see where we stand in relation to our competitors.

We encourage and support personal commitment and individual effort. For example, variable salary components ensure that management employees who achieve their agreed targets benefit financially from the success of the company.

We also offer employees in Switzerland the opportunity to participate in various employee share ownership plans, and thus share in the financial success of the Baloise Group.

Pension fund

We want you to enjoy a secure retirement, which is why Baloise Insurance offers its employees in Switzerland an attractive second-pillar pension solution. When we say “attractive”, we mean that we absorb the financial burden in the event that certain risk situations come to pass. In other words, we make sure that employees can continue to lead a decent life.


  • You are entitled to continue receiving 100% of your salary, provided you have been with us for more than three months.
  • We pay the premiums for occupational and non-occupational accident insurance.
  • We offer you insurance cover for outpatient medical treatment and hospital stays in a semi-private ward – worldwide.
  • We also provide you with disability cover and a lump-sum death benefit at no cost to you.
  • For just CHF 100 per year, you can also expand your coverage to include treatment costs for hospital stays in a private ward.
  • This additional insurance also covers any benefit reductions due to gross negligence and reckless behaviour.


  • You are entitled to continue receiving 100% of your salary in the event of illness, provided you have been with us for more than three years.
  • We pay the premiums for collective daily sickness allowance insurance.

Your benefits when you work for us

Our employees enjoy a wide range of benefits.

  • Insurance products
  • Banking services
  • REKA travellers’ cheques from the Swiss
  • Travel Fund
  • Ticket subscriptions for public transport networks (Job Ticket, Half-Fare travelcard)
  • Lunch services (staff restaurant / canteen; Lunch Cheques)

Additional benefits

We also offer additional benefits, such as:

  • free in-house consulting services for your personal banking and insurance needs,
  • free legal information and advice,
  • commissions on insurance policies taken out by relatives or friends,
  • accommodation in the three-star Hotel Spitzhorn in Saanen at a preferential price.

Work-life balance

For us, work is an important part of life – which means work should be, well, a lively experience. We therefore do everything possible to ensure our employees feel good when they work, and that they are given enough freedom to enjoy the private aspects of their lives.

Flexible working hours

Most of our employees can arrange their own working hours flexibly. Our part-time working programmes and job-sharing models offer employees additional possibilities for individual work-life planning. Many of our people also take advantage of the opportunity to use unpaid leave or part-time working schemes for older employees to flexibly adjust their total working hours to their personal circumstances and requirements.

Attractive parental leave programme

Depending on how long an employee has had a permanent contract with us in Switzerland, we can offer them between 130 and 250 calendar days of maternity leave at full salary. New fathers also benefit from five paid paternity days when their babies arrive.

Company crèche

Bal4Kids – the crèche operated by Baloise Insurance for children from the age of eight weeks to school age – is located just five minutes from our Group headquarters in Basel. We also provide financial support for the accommodation and care of your children. Nearly two-thirds of our employees are under 45, which means it’s very important to them to be able to manage both their family and their career. We take this need seriously, and act on it.


Zwei Jogger rennen eine steile Steintreppe hoch. Die Treppe ist von zwei Metallgeländern gesäumt. Das Bild ist in Richtung Sonne aufgenommen worden und befindet sich zwischen den zwei Joggern. Dementsprechend stark ist der Hell-Dunkel-Kontrast zwischen Himmel und Bauwerk.

Prevention isn’t just an issue for our customers; our employees also benefit from numerous preventive health care measures.

Das Logo ist rund enthält einen Kern und eine nicht vollständig umspannende Umrandung. Zwischen Kern und Umrandung gibt es eine helle Lücke. Der Kern beinhaltet die Worte "Friendly Work Space".

Workplace health management

From stress management to vaccinations – we offer a holistic and sustainable health management programme that includes everything from exercise and relaxation courses to in-house massages at a large discount.

Of particular importance here is the care we offer in the event of severe illness – and our reintegration measures in the aftermath.

In recognition of our efforts here, we were awarded the “Friendly Work Space®” seal of quality by Health Promotion Switzerland in 2010 – and again in 2013 and 2016.

Baloise Sport Club

Everyone knows that fun is good for your health, especially when it involves movement and exercise. The Baloise Sport Club offers 14 different types of sport – everything from football to floorball, winter sports and workouts. During the “Basel Snow Days”, we hold sporting events that promote team spirit and bring our people together.

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Ein sich im mittleren Alter befindender Herr ist lässig an einen langen Schreibtisch gelehnt. Er trägt einen eher dunklen Anzug und eine breite Kravatte. Mit beiden Händen hält er eine Kaffeetasse mit Untersetzer. Er lächelt leicht und schaut aus dem linken Bildrand hinaus. Im Hintergrund sieht man den langen Sitzungstisch, welcher das ganze Bild durchzieht. Die Zimmerwand besteht aus hellen Milchglas-Kacheln.

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