Ein sich im mittleren Alter befindender Herr ist lässig an einen langen Schreibtisch gelehnt. Er trägt einen eher dunklen Anzug und eine breite Kravatte. Mit beiden Händen hält er eine Kaffeetasse mit Untersetzer. Er lächelt leicht und schaut aus dem linken Bildrand hinaus. Im Hintergrund sieht man den langen Sitzungstisch, welcher das ganze Bild durchzieht. Die Zimmerwand besteht aus hellen Milchglas-Kacheln.

Corporate culture

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Size and close connections make working at Baloise an exciting and uplifting experience

Size helps in many ways. A wide range of departments and positions make for a diversified working experience and interesting career development opportunities – for both career beginners and experienced specialists and managers. We use our strength to support our employees with varied training and professional development programmes, active career planning and structured feedback. Our approximately 7,300 employees appreciate these advantages.

For us, size is above all measured on a human scale. It means being close. Not being surprised to run into members of our Corporate Executive Committee in the canteen. And our managers being open and approachable. Our closeness is also apparent in the way our teams work with one another – and by the fact that many employees at Baloise become good friends. Through all of this, and through many other aspects of our daily work, we feel a type of togetherness that motivates us, instils us with passion and leads us to develop new ideas.

Es handelt sich hier um eine Aufnahme der Stadt Basel: Mittig ist der Rhein abgebildet, auf der linken Seite die berühmte Münsterkirche und auf der rechten Seite das Quartier Kleinbasel. Die Aufnahme ist stark durch helle Farben geprägt, unter anderem auch durch den grossen Anteil an Himmel, welcher rund die Hälfte des Bildes ausmacht. Die vegetationsgeprägte Uferzone mit Bäumen und Rasenabschnitten wirken als Kontrast zum Quartier.

Switzerland in our hearts, Europe in our minds

Reliability, financial expertise, solidity, independence – for many people in Europe, these are typical Swiss traits. For us, they’re a part of our identity. We strive to preserve the good things from the past - but to keep improving them. Our diversity, in terms of language, culture and people, is also important to us as a driver of our development Openness to new things is a crucial element of our work culture. Ultimately, knowing oneself offers the best foundation for continual improvement, which is why we seek to preserve our roots and look beyond ourselves in equal measure.

A feeling of security at work leads to…


Trust is the foundation of successful collaboration. That’s why ensuring a feeling of security is important to us as an employer as well. This involves knowing what to expect, what is expected of you, and what you can rely on from us: We believe in clear task descriptions and goal agreements, supplemented by half-yearly meetings in which employees receive specific feedback on where they stand.


Those who feel secure are better able to recognise and exploit their freedom to be creative. We encourage our employees to continually improve themselves and thus our company as well. For this they need ideas – and the passion and courage to put them into practice. This is our understanding of a responsible and creative work culture.

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