Eine junge Frau mit hellen, schulterlangen Haaren schaut aus dem linken Bildrand heraus. Sie lehnt sich an einen langen Sitzungstisch und hält eine Dokumentenmappe, die hell / dunkel gestreift ist. Der Sitzungsraum, in welchem sie sich befindet,  ist gross und lichtdurchflutet.

Personnel development

Why we don’t look for “the best”

Anyone who believes they’re “the best” has lost the desire to get better. We as a company seek to get a little better every day. We want employees who share this ambition, and we’ll support them in achieving their goal. Even more important to us, however, is a culture of collaboration, innovation and anticipation – fuelled by curiosity, ambition and dedication.

We’re not looking for the best; we’re looking for those who continually seek to get better.

Talent management

Das Bild zeigt zwei Personen, die sich gegenübersitzen. Die junge Frau mit dunklen Haaren und hellem Blazer sitzt mit dem Rücken zum Betrachter. Ein sich im mittleren Alter befindender Mann mit dunkeln Haaren schaut auf seine Unterlagen, die er auf dem Tisch zwischen ihnen ausgebreitet hat. Der Hintergrund ist durch die starke Lichteinstrahlung nicht auszumachen.

We support our employees with their development – in both a personal and professional sense. Our talent management system helps employees who display the potential to take on advanced tasks and responsibilities at Baloise.

Every year, managers at the Baloise Group identify talented employees in their areas of responsibility.

They then use individual measures to support them, improve their strengths, teach them new knowledge and skills and enhance their personal development.

The most important component of our talent management system are the regular meetings we hold with each employee throughout the year:

  • Goal agreements: At the beginning of every year, our managers set firm goals with their employees.
  • Progress Review: In the middle of every year, managers and employees meet to discuss the extent to which the jointly agreed goals have already been achieved – and develop specific measures for improving goal achievement.
  • Goal achievement assessment: At the end of the year, each employee is given constructive feedback on their goal achievement and overall performance.

Training and development

Das Bild ist dynamisch und beinhaltet die Abbildung von Bewegung. Zwei Hände von jeweils unterschiedlichen Personen fixieren mittels Pinnnadeln Datenblätter an eine Stellwand. Die Szenerie ist sehr hell gehalten, Kontrast bieten die Aufdrucke der Datenblätter.

The image is dynamic and depicts movement. Two hands of two different people are using tacks to pin data sheets to a poster board. The scene is very bright, with contrasts created by the imprints of the data sheets.

We believe that comprehensive professional training and continuous professional development form the foundation for personal and professional success.

We also believe that a lively exchange of ideas with supervisors and co-workers furthers professional development, which is why we systematically promote such an exchange. But for us, the real driver of development is practical everyday work. To make the most of this potential, we use a variety of work organisation tools that help all of our employees enhance, deepen and strengthen the knowledge and experience they gain through their work.

One good example of our culture of learning is the “Baloise Campus”, which is a programme for managers who display exceptional development potential. We also operate management development programmes at our various subsidiaries.

Our employees can take advantage of a variety of training opportunities such as language courses during lunch breaks and a range of personal and professional development programmes at our training centres in Arlesheim and Jongny in Switzerland.

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