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Apprenticeship in private insurance

Apply now for an apprenticeship position at Baloise Insurance.

Start of the next training programme: August 2019

What you can expect

A varied apprenticeship with support from us at all times. You will gain practical experience of our day-to-day insurance business and we will prepare you for your final exams. You can be fully confident in our training programme.

  • It starts with an induction course to help you find your way around the company.
  • Training in self-presentation and speaking on the phone will make you feel more confident in your dealings with customers.
  • Special courses will increase your technical knowledge and
  • outings and social events will help you to develop on a personal level.

Angela's experiences

"At the beginning I got on really well with my supervisor and I secretly hoped that everyone at Baloise would be like my first contact person. I soon found out that they were! The people at Baloise make me feel that I'm not just 'one of many'. I'm not seen as a number but as an important member of the team. The atmosphere is really great.

The most interesting things so far have been the courses which all the trainees took together. It's good that we all stay in touch from a technical perspective and for personal support."

What we expect

As a specialist in private insurance, it is important that you enjoy working with customers and provide them with a reliable service. Try putting yourself in their position. All our customers want an open, friendly contact person who they can rely on. It goes without saying that you will have good manners. What other skills will be helpful? You should be able to express yourself clearly. Good spoken and written German is essential. If you can also speak English and French, you will have a larger customer base and will be able to make good progress with us in Switzerland. Finally, you must enjoy working with numbers. They're a key part of insurance policies!

To take up an apprenticeship place you should have a leaving qualification from one of the following types of schools: Bezirksschule (regional school), Sekundarschule (secondary school – middle or high level) or Gymnasium (grammar school). You can also start an apprenticeship after studying at a Fachmittelschule (specialist secondary school), Wirtschaftsmittelschule (business secondary school) etc.

Types of training and working areas

  • Private insurance at our head office in Basel

    Training at our head office in Basel is structured as follows:

    First year

    You get to know our team of trainees. You work together with other trainees and become familiar with the insurance business from the ground up. This includes providing information about existing policies, address changes and confirmations of insurance.

    Second year

    You move to the specialist departments. You learn in more detail about insurance and become increasingly independent.

    For example, you find out how to calculate and draw up offers for new insurance policies, check customers' applications for insurance, amend contracts and support your customers independently on the phone and in writing.

    Third year

    You generally spend your third year in the claims department. You receive claims notifications independently both by phone and in writing, enter motor vehicle and home contents insurance claims in the system, process them and check customers' entitlement to benefits.


  • Private insurance in a general agency

    In a general agency, your training will be structured as follows:

    First year

    You will help the assistants of the general agent and gain an initial insight into the insurance business. You will support customers on the phone and over the counter, take responsibility for the post and write letters and emails. You will also draw up offers and make amendments to contracts in the field of non-life insurance for private customers.

    Second/third year

    You will work in different departments of the general agency and support the specialists. Among other things, you will provide information to customers on the phone, draw up offers for accident and health insurance, check applications and stand in for other members of staff when they are on holiday. 

    Depending on where you work, you will also have the opportunity to spend six months in the customer service department at our head office in Basel.

Salary & benefits

Employment conditions

Length of the apprenticeship: Three years
Holiday: 25 days (five weeks) per year
First year: CHF 800 gross
Second year: CHF 1,000 gross
Third year: in the range CHF 1,200 to CHF 1,700 gross (depending on performance and behaviour in the workplace and in college)

Additional 13th month's salary in each year of the apprenticeship

Other benefits

  • Three-year Half-Fare travelcard
  • Payment of the cost of all mandatory college books
  • Payment of 50% of the cost of mandatory residential language courses
  • Subsidised meals in the staff restaurant
  • Discounts on Reka-Checks
  • Discounts on banking and insurance products

If you still have questions, speak to your contact person

Do you have all the information you need? Then why not apply now?

You can apply online for the advertised positions. We advertise training places on our job portal around a year before the start of the course. If there are no positions advertised, either we have already filled the places for the next year or we have not yet posted the advertisements. If you are uncertain about anything, you should get in touch with your contact person.

Have you found the training place that suits you? Click on the "Apply online" (in German) button in the advertisement. This will take you to our Baloise Talent Pool, where you can register and upload your application documents.

You will help us and also help yourself if you make sure that your online application is complete. It must include:

  • A cover letter (stating why you are applying)
  • A CV with a photo
  • Reports from your last two to three years of education
  • Multicheck result (for more information visit www.multicheck.org)
  • Any relevant certificates (for example typing, languages, IT)

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