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WMS 3+1 internship

First theory, then practical experience. Spend your twelve-month internship with us.

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Start of the next internships: August 2019

What you can expect

Spend your twelve-month internship with us and receive your commercial qualification including the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate. In the services and administration department you will have a practical, hands-on role. You will learn to take responsibility, to work with customers and to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. During your entire internship you will be supported by our department for developing young talent. We will help you to prepare for your oral and written exams and organise visits to different departments within Baloise. This will give you a comprehensive overview of the company.

What we expect

You will be dedicated, independent and willing to take responsibility. You will play an active role in your team, be keen to learn and not be afraid of taking on new tasks.

We expect you to have good educational results and an interest in issues relating to insurance. You will also be able to use all forms of communication confidently. It will definitely help you if you are open and outgoing and a sociable personality is a real plus!

What your role will involve

During your internship you will provide active support for the other members of your department. We will discuss with you in advance where you will work and we will try to take your wishes and strengths into account as far as possible. Potential areas include:

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction consists of two areas: Touchpoint management is responsible for improving customer contacts with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction. You will help to organise and run workshops and training courses, you will be responsible for the intranet presence and you will create reports and presentations. In addition, you will work with complaint management on processing customer complaints. You will follow up the complaints, make contact with the specialist departments and communicate with the customers.

  • Customer and sales management

    This department helps the field sales staff by providing brochures and guidelines, for example. We are looking for good ideas and new potential leads for the sales force. As part of your internship, you will work on marketing campaigns, help to create concepts and take responsibility for an intranet platform.

  • Sales support for the broker channel

    The sales area as a whole is responsible for selling our insurance products and managing our field sales staff. This department in particular provides support for independent insurance intermediaries in Switzerland.

    You will help the management team and prepare and evaluate data. You will create PowerPoint presentations, organise meetings and events and provide help with the general administration. You will work on projects and help to create concepts for improving processes.

Salary & benefits

Terms of employment

Length of your internship: Twelve months
Holiday: 25 days (five weeks) per year
Salary:   CHF 1,700 gross per month including 13th month's salary

Other benefits

  • One-year Half-Fare travelcard
  • Payment of the costs of vocational courses
  • Discounts on Reka-Checks
  • Subsidised meals in the staff restaurant
  • Discounts on banking and insurance products

If you still have questions, speak to your contact person

Do you still have questions about the WMS 3+1 internship at Baloise Insurance? Call me or send me an email.

Fabienne Steiner
+41 58 285 83 14

Do you have all the information you need? Then why not apply now?

You can apply online for the advertised positions. We advertise training places on our job portal around a year before the start of the course. If there are no positions advertised, either we have already filled the places for the next year or we have not yet posted the advertisements. If you are uncertain about anything, you should get in touch with your contact person.

Have you found the training place that suits you? Click on the "Apply online" (in German) button in the advertisement. This will take you to our Baloise Talent Pool, where you can register and upload your application documents.

You will help us and also help yourself if you make sure that your online application is complete. It must include:

  • A cover letter (stating why you are applying)
  • A CV with a photo
  • Reports from your last two to three years of education
  • Any relevant certificates (for example typing, languages, IT)

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