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Maturity profile


Tax values

Security number Issuer Term Tax value*
per  31.12.2017
Coupon interest 2017
CHF (gross)
Coupon interest 2017
11.768.379 Bâloise Holding AG 2010 - 2020 108.40% 143.75 14.10.
13.180.461 Bâloise Holding AG 2011 - 2021 110.65% 150.00 07.07.
14.829.501 Bâloise Holding AG 2012 - 2019 103.00% 112.50 01.03.
19.469.508 Bâloise Holding AG 2012 - 2022 108.65% 100.00 12.10.
20.004.482 Bâloise Holding AG 2013 - 2023 108.20% 87.50 26.04.
26.139.906 Bâloise Holding AG 2014 - 2024 105.60% 56.25 19.12.
37.961.100 Basler Leben AG 2017 - 2048 100.70% 0 -
37.961.099 Basler Leben AG 2017 - perpetual 101.50% 0 -

* Source: Swiss Federal Tax Administration