Contact Investor Relations

Contact Investor Relations

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Markus Holtz

Markus Holtz

Head of Investor Relations

Phone +41 58 285 82 85

Marco Baffinato

Investor Relations Manager

Phone +41 58 285 80 73

Susanna Neukomm-Hutmacher

Investor Relations Coordinator

Phone +41 58 285 87 84

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Subscribe to Baloise company news and ad hoc releases. The Investor Relations team will gladly answer any questions you may have concerning analyst meetings, roadshows and other financial topics.

Shareholder Services

Shareholders are requested to notify the Shareholder Services in the event of changes of address or bank account data. The documents for the Annual General Meeting as well as the annual and half-year reports will be sent to the address listed in the shareholder register, while dividends will be sent to the bank account listed with us.

Margrit Basler

Shareholder Services

Phone +41 58 285 86 64