Investor Day 2020

Simply Safe Season 2 was given its premiere on Investor Day. In our follow-up, we will be taking a look at all the highlights of the next phase of Baloise’s strategy.
Review & challenges

Gert De Winter Simply Safe Season 1 review

The next phase of Baloise’s strategy will see it continue on its journey to becoming a technology-driven financial services provider and a key actor within the Home and Mobility ecosystems. In this section, Gert De Winter tells us which milestones have already been reached since 2017.

Gert the Winter Current challenges

Gert De Winter talks about the challenges that are currently facing the Company, such as how customer needs are changing in the digital age, the environment of ultra-low interest rates, and the emergence of new competitors.


Gert De Winter, Kim Maike Berrendorf Sustainability as an opportunity

At Baloise, sustainability goes hand in hand with value creation and is integral to the corporate strategy. In this section, Gert De Winter and Kim Berrendorf identify the stakeholders and resources, and how these resources can be deployed as effectively as possible.

Focus, Reimagine, Diversify

Henk Janssen, Jürg Schiltknecht Non-life business

How is the business mix and profitability in the German non-life business developing? What progress has been made with the integration of the recent acquisitions in Belgium? And what are the Group-wide plans for the simplification of the business and efficiency gains? The speakers answer these and other questions in this section.

Carsten Stolz Capital management & cash

In this sequence, CFO Carsten Stolz talks about Baloise’s very stable balance sheet, the cash target for the next phase of the strategy, and what the plans are for this cash.

Hato Schmeiser, Simon Scott, Melanie Funk, Gert De Winter Customer experience & relationship

This video sequence reveals why a happy customer is also a profitable one (guest speaker Hato Schmeiser from the University of St. Gallen), what our proven strategy of targeting particular types of customer has to do with this, and how many customers Baloise wants to bring on board in the next phase of the strategy.

Liesbeth Laureys Home ecosystem

The Home ecosystem is another strategic focus in addition to Mobility. Lisbeth Laureys appears in this sequence to explain how we are looking to significantly ramp up our services in the Home segment in order to further expand our customer base.

Michael Müller, Romain Braas Life business

The speakers give their insights into how the fee business is developing in Luxembourg and into the banking and insurance business model and group life business in Switzerland. They also provide an overview of the business mix in the life sector and of profitability.

Matthias Henny Asset management & banking

As well as focusing on the core business itself, it is important to continuously improve the customer experience that it offers. This sequence explains how we would like to win new customers in asset management & banking in particular, and what role sustainability has to play in this.

Sibylle Fischer, Ruth Foxe Blader Innovation

In this section, the speakers highlight how an established culture of innovation and the diversification of the business are securing the long-term future of Baloise as an insurance company.

Patrick Wirth Mobility ecosystem

The transport industry is having to respond quickly to changing customer needs. The extent to which this fast-moving trend represents an opportunity for Baloise is revealed by Patrick Wirth in this video sequence.

Christoph Samwer FRIDAY

Launched by Baloise at the beginning of phase one of the Simply Safe strategy, FRIDAY has gone on to become one of the leading digital insurers in Germany. In this video sequence, Christoph Samwer gives an insight into FRIDAY’s strategy and the targets for 2025.


Peter Gloor Happiness at work

Satisfied employees create satisfied customers; satisfied customers create a successful company. In this section, guest speaker Peter Gloor from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology talks about the important relationship between satisfaction and productivity.

Alexander Bockelmann An organizational model defined by agility

In this section, Alexander Bockelmann talks about how agile working methods can be used to make internal processes more efficient and uses the example of Baloise IT to show how this potential is being harnessed within our Company.

Burcu Albostan, Janneke Peters, Gert De Winter Unique – the Baloise culture

The Sparks, an internal network of Baloise employees, explain in this sequence how they are actively supporting the process of change at Baloise so that our Company can achieve the employee targets of Simply Safe: Season 2.

Targets & outlook

Gert De Winter Targets of Simply Safe Season 2

Baloise is continuing the journey on which it embarked at the start of Season 1 in 2017 and which has already delivered considerable success. It will now focus on the three mission-critical areas of ‘Employees’, ‘Customers’, and ‘Investors’. Watch this video sequence to hear Gert De Winter talk about this and about the new targets for these areas.

Gert De Winter, Carsten Stolz, Matthias Henny Questions & answers

At the end of the live stream, Gert De Winter, Carsten Stolz and Matthias Henny will answer questions from analysts, investors and anyone else taking part in the Baloise 2020 Investor Day.


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