Baloise Travel Guide – a guidebook with a difference

Basel, Baloise is publishing its first «Baloise Travel Guide», an original and humorous look at the world of insurance. Readers will not only find out how the Baloise Group is organised and what makes it stand out from other insurers but will also learn about the insurance business in general.

The Baloise Travel Guide accompanies readers on a journey that constitutes uncharted territory for even the most experienced of globetrotters. Although they will not be taken to secluded beaches in the Caribbean, on culinary adventures in Thailand or on icy and daring expeditions to the Antarctic, this journey will take them to a world they have never experienced before. The Travel Guide will whisk them away on varied and fascinating adventures through the world of insurance.

Every journey begins with a sense of curiosity. We either want to learn something new or take a closer look at something we already know. A good travel guide caters to both needs: it provides a brief introduction to the destination whilst at the same time facilitating a deeper understanding of this location. This publication offers the desired amount of information for all readers with an inquiring mind. It contains tours that offer various degrees of difficulty.

Keen travellers who take part in Tour 1 to «Isola Panorama» will be given a brief overview of the most important Baloise attractions as well as the history and social purpose of insurance. This enables them to approach the new destination gradually and cautiously.

Those who are looking for a more in-depth analysis of insurance will find the appropriate level of challenge in the form of Tour 2 – the ascent to «Mount Effort». People who want to join this tour, however, will need to possess a fairly keen interest in underwriting and actuarial mathematics.

Tour 3 heads for «Excellence City», which is the Baloise capital. This is the vibrant centre of our insurance world. Upon arrival, we will explain why Baloise achieves excellence in its business and what cultural factors make a crucial contribution to its success. A further highlight awaits on Tour 4. On «Precious Beach», travellers will take part in a hunt for some highly valuable treasure.

Whichever tour the globetrotters choose, they will always be accompanied by at least one local guide. These Baloise employees will assist them throughout the tour and will draw on a wealth of experience to provide answers to the most important questions on the topic at hand.

Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, the Baloise Group is a European provider of insurance and pension solutions and has positioned itself as a market player that offers an intelligent 'Safety World' prevention strategy. In Switzerland the Company operates as a focused financial services provider, offering a combination of insurance and banking services. It also has a market presence in Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. Its distribution network includes its own sales organisation as well as brokers and other partners. The Company uses its competence centre in Luxembourg to run its business in innovative pension products for private customers throughout Europe. Bâloise Holding Ltd shares are listed in the main segment of the SIX Swiss Exchange. The Baloise Group employs some 7,400 people.