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In a world where everything is becoming increasingly digital, networked and simpler for customers, the expectations customers have of an insurance company are changing radically. Baloise must not only meet, but also anticipate the ever-changing needs of customers in its digitisation.

Pioneering work in the insurance industry

Baloise cultivates a culture of innovation, agility, entrepreneurial thinking and an untiring customer focus. Collaborating with InsurTechs such as KASKO, Picsure, Valoo and Vezoo provide new ideas that consistently lead to simplifications and improvements for the customer.

Finding your way through the digital jungle is often not easy. The Baloise Digital Scouts, a group of motivated and tech-savvy employees from different areas, have made this their credo. Active, voluntary prevention work lets them draw society’s attention to the risks of the digital world in the sense of a commitment to corporate social responsibility and offer a helping hand in the digital jungle.

The increasing networking of social life, communication, payment options and business processes offers endless new possibilities – but is also a gateway for criminals with the potential for very high losses. The only way out of this is a mixture of intelligent prevention and insurance. Baloise offers modular cyber insurance for both private and business customers.

The gaming scene is booming and Baloise is part of it, for example as a presenting sponsor of the Baloise International Gaming Show, which is held every year. Baloise has partnered with UPC to provide gaming gear insurance to meet the growing needs of the gaming community to insure expensive accessories.

Claims notification without battling forms and technical jargon – Baloise is the first insurance company in Switzerland to do this and has also done it with chat-based claims notification. Entering names was for yesterday; the laborious typing of first name and surname is no longer necessary with a photo of your ID. Baloise already knows its customers by name – without needing the policy number.

Baloise has created a “Group Strategy & Digital Transformation” (GSDT) department to identify the opportunities and possibilities for further development in the digital transformation at an early stage. Among other things, the GSDT team is responsible for the investments in Anthemis, corporate partnerships with start-ups and other think tank activities.