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Baloise wants to make its customers’ lives simpler and more secure. As part of the Simply Safe strategic phase, Baloise has launched over 50 initiatives to accommodate changing customer needs in the age of digitalisation. These needs and initiatives can be divided up into four fields: Home, Mobility, Financial Needs and Business Services. Find out more about the different fields and read some thoughts on their strategic significance here.
What are ecosystems?

An ecosystem – in the sense of economic and corporate ecosystems that is – refers to the framework of all companies, partners, developments and networks geared towards creating shared value. Under the Simply Safe strategy, this shared value consists of simplicity and security with the customer in mind. This involves Baloise optimising its core business on the one hand, while adding to this with new insurance-related fields of business with direct customer interaction on the other. This sees the Baloise Group taking on a pioneering pole in digitalisation in its capacity as an insurance company and bank, entering into partnerships with promising FinTechs and InsurTechs, investing in innovative start-ups as well as testing and developing new concepts and optimising existing ones.

Ecosystems at Baloise

Mobility – a topical area specific to cars and vehicles – is an area of life that has changed considerably over the last few decades. This refers both to the technological developments concerning self-driving cars as well as changed user behaviour – i.e. the shift from vehicle ownership to the sharing economy. Increased environmental awareness plays a significant role in this too.

As part of internal start-ups like FRI:DAY in Germany or Mobly in Belgium, the Baloise Group is developing innovative vehicle insurance policies that take these changing needs into consideration. Baloise is also working with start-ups like Carhelper in Switzerland to extend the range of services for mobility beyond insurance products.

Innovations in the Mobility ecosystem

In the Home area, digitalisation is making everyday life in the home more interlinked, transforming houses into smart homes. This is associated with new risks in the field of cybercrime that homes need to be insured against. The geographical mobility of younger generations plays a crucial role here too. This has given rise to a need for digital solutions and services for living and relocation.

It was with this in mind that Baloise purchased Switzerland’s biggest relocation platform MOVU in 2017. This was a major step towards expanding our platform business. Customers can now access new products and services relating to living and moving house on a digital platform. It offers them the opportunity to choose home contents insurance while planning a relocation. What’s special about this? Baloise will pay for customers to relocate again if they change their mind about the apartment or house in the first few weeks.

Innovations in the Home ecosystem
Financial Needs

The physical and financial well-being of customers is very important to Baloise. As such, Baloise’s responsibility starts long before paying out in the event of death or survivorship.

Employees in Belgium came up with the B-Tonic initiative encouraging a healthy lifestyle. In Germany, Baloise Monviso offers a straightforward means of managing financial investments digitally. In turn, Perspectiva, the collective foundation for SMEs in Switzerland, aims to implement a dynamic investment strategy for occupational pensions.

Innovations in the field of Financial Needs
Business Services

Companies are undergoing vast change in the age of digitalisation. While on the one hand businesses are being developed at record speed, established companies must adapt to keep pace with up-and-coming start-ups. Baloise is there to advise and assist its corporate clients like SMEs and other major companies, offering innovative solutions designed to address the new risks and opportunities associated with their core business.

Asset management helps third-party customers to invest their customers’ money sustainably according to identified criteria. Start-up entrepreneurs and company founders also receive further financial start-up assistance from Baloise through partner offers at In addition to this, an internal project has seen the development of various different programmes for small enterprises, helping them to tackle digitalisation in everyday company life.

Innovations in the field of Business Services
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Innovations A selection of innovative initiatives within our ecosystems.