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Our mission

Our mission is to change the nature in which people get from A to B. Insurance is at the heart of what we do and we have over 150 years of experience in the industry. However, we also recognise the importance of other sectors and since 2016 have placed a huge focus on mobility.  We focus on early-stage mobility ventures and ideas that concentrate on the movement of people by playing an enabling role on road, rail and land. We are looking for impactful mobility solutions that complement our current portfolio and drive our growing Mobility Ecosystem even further.

Why should you reach out to Mobility@Baloise?

Funding and financial support at all start-up stages

- Do you have an early idea? We are here to help you build your business.
- Are you looking for financial support? When it comes to investment our sweet spot is seed and series A but depending on your business case, we are flexible to assist at later stages.
- Ready to grow and expand? We look for companies with proven customer needs and traction in a market, businesses who are ready to take the next step.

Ventures built 5
Ventures invested in 35
Average funding size 250k - 20m

Grow your mobility venture together with Baloise

With a vast network of partners, experts and mobility founders, we can give you access to car data pools, insurance know-hows, and a growing customer base. We invest in you, so you can grow your venture.

So, are you looking for new growth opportunities and want to become part of our expanding Mobility ecosystem? Reach out to us!

Join the mobility ecosystem


Our focus is set on mobility services that enable people to move from A to B in a safe, convenient, and sustainable way. Our ventures are therefore a mix of businesses either built in-house or developed by start-ups in which we invested. Read more about the portfolio ventures and their partnership with Mobility@Baloise.

gowago Logo offers a new way to get a car in Switzerland: simpler, more trustworthy and fairer. Go to

mobly Logo

Mobly makes mobility easier through innovative solutions and mobility services. Go to

abodeinauto Logo

aboDeinauto is the leading used car subscription platform in Germany. Go to


Drivolution improves safety and environment through driver and mobility behavior in organizations. Go to

ben Logo

Ben is the tech-driven one-stop-shop service company for all fleet maintenance services. Go to

xapix Logo

Xapix provides real-time data, system and device integration and orchestration, and applied AI. Go to

humanising Logo

Humanising Autonomy is building the global standard for intuitive interaction between people and machines. Go to


TWIICE develops powered exoskeletons that help people with mobility disorders walk again. Go to

Stratos Logo

Stratos Technologies digitizes aftersales processes for full-service leasing, fleet, insurance and garage-chains. Go to


GoMore is a Danish carsharing platform enabling private car rental, shareable leasing and ridesharing. Go to

Build your mobility idea together with Baloise

With years of experience in building businesses, a network of venture experts and a growing mobility ecosystem, we can help your mobility idea become a reality.

Are you an early-stage mobility startup or entrepreneur looking for a partner to set up your venture?

Reach out to us with your idea


Our team brings together a wide range of experiences from both the corporate and the start-up world. We are venture builders, business consultants, and investment experts who will bring you expertise and support. Reach out to us personally if you have topic specific questions.

Alice Repetti

Alice Repetti

Venture Developer | I build ventures with a human-centred approach, let’s develop yours togetherLinkedIn | Email

Wolfgang Prasser

Wolfgang Prasser

Senior Venture ConsultantI bring my experience and network to you and the mobility team | LinkedIn | Email

Patrick Wirth

Patrick Wirth

Head Mobility Unit | I keep an overview of all the moving parts in and outside the Mobility ecosystem | LinkedIn | Email

Guillermo Forteza

Guillermo Forteza

Investment ExpertI identify and accelerate new innovative mobility businesses, let’s grow yoursLinkedIn | Email

Peter Boss

Peter Boss

ChallengerI challenge you continuously on both company and product level | LinkedIn | Email


Wouter In 't Velt

Market ExpertI know the market side and connect customer problems worth solving to innovative solutions | LinkedIn | Email


Alexander Wallach

Trend Analyst I I create something tangible out of new trends in the mobility landscape LinkedIn | Email


Join the Mobility@Baloise ecosystem

Build the future of mobility with us!