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Baloise Portfolio Days 2022
Baloise Portfolio Days 2022
Over the last years, the Baloise innovation community has been growing. New ventures have joined our ecosystems and new partners were onboarded on our innovation journey. With the Portfolio Days, Baloise offers a chance to meet, connect, interact and network with founders and innovation peers within the Home and Mobility ecosystems and strengthen our community of innovators.

«Baloise Portfolio Days, an opportunity to
network within the Baloise Innovation Community.»


Baloise Park East 
Ausbildungszentrum, 2nd floor 
Aeschengraben 31
4051 Basel


June 21st 12:30 - 20:00
June 22nd 08:30 - 17:00 (only portfolio companies) 

Day 1 Tuesday, 21 June 2022 
  • 12.30 – 14.00: Doors open & informal lunch  

  • 14.00 – 14.30: Welcome & Outlook of the day 

  • 14.30 – 16.30: Start-ups Exhibition Fair  

  • 16.30 – 17.00: Baloise Strategy 2025 

  • 17.00 – 20.00: Apero  

Day 2 Wednesday, 22 June 2022
  • 08.15 – 09.30: Breakfast: grab a coffee + croissant and join one of our roundtable discussions
  • 09.30 – 10.00: Outlook of the day 
  • 10.00 – 12.00: Workshops part 1  
    • Skyrocket B2B Startup Sales
    • The Growing Startup
    • Product management 101
    • Future-proof your business
  • 12.00 – 13.30: Networking lunch 
  • 13.30 – 15.30: Workshops part 2  
    • Skyrocket B2B Startup Sales
    • The Growing Startup
    • Product management 101
    • Future-proof your business
  • 15.30 – 15.45: Short break  
  • 15.45 – 16.30: Closing session
Accommodation & Travel

Motel One Basel 
Barfüssergasse 16
4051 Basel 

Check-in & Luggage

If you have reserved a room with us, you can directly check-in at Motel One. The check-in times are from 15:00 on the day of arrival until 12.00 on the day of departure. You can leave the lugguage in the hotel and pick it up later or bring it to the location.


There are no current restrictions for Covid-19. If you are coming from abroad, please check the country regulations before entering Switzerland.

Inspirational breakfast

June 22nd, 2022 from 08.15 - 09.30 
(no registration needed) 

Session 1

Employer Branding - Why you should dare to be the most authentic you can be!

Speaker: Corinna Fröschke (41), born and raised in Berlin, former sports journalist and Content Creator in the Baloise Employer Branding Team will talk on how to build a strong employer brand and why authenticity counts the most

Session 2

How Amazon Web Service (AWS) supports startups: from early stage to global champions

Speaker: to be confirmed

Session 3

Lessons learned from startup life

Speaker: Sami is a digital product development  leader, with 20 years of experience in creating mobile services. In this talk he will go through some real life situations along start-up journeys, and also look at the various support options Baloise has to offer. Product, technology, hiring, interactive topics.

Skyrocket B2B Startup Sales: How to accelerate the 0-10M ARR journey by avoiding trial & error

Manuel Hartmann, Founder & CEO SalesPlaybook

Manuel built SalesPlaybook 0 to 7-figure revenue over the last 3 years by helping 200+ European B2B Startups hit product-market-fit and accelerate sales quickly without trial & error. Before that, he built up sales for a Swiss AI SaaS Startup, co-led Salesforce projects at Accenture for the World Economic Forum & ABB. He started his sales career "on the street" 2009 and selling the last Tesla Roadsters 2012. 

Come to this workshop if you’d like to learn about:

  • Accelerating your market traction by leveraging innovative sales tools & methods
  • Validating initiatives faster by getting data on what works (and what doesn’t)
  • Avoiding trial & error by following proven methods and templates


The Growing Startup - What collaboration issues should we be prepared for, as we grow as a startup and how can we overcome them.

Christoph Sperle, Systemic Teamcoach, Mobility Team @ Baloise

Christoph is a systemic team coach, organizational developer and agile expert who helps the Baloise ventures to keep the collaboration alive whilst they grow as a company. Through his many years of
experience as an individual- and team coach and over 10 years of professional experience as a Scrum Master, Kanban Expert and Agile Coach, he has built up a comprehensive knowledge as a teamcoach to maintain healthy teamwork and to design work environments in which people and teams can do a great job. 

Come to this workshop if you’d like to learn about:

  • What are the typical problems in our daily teamwork when we grow as a startup.
  • What team dynamics come into play, while we are growing in terms of number of people.
  • What are good practices and tools to overcome these problems.
  • There will also be room for exchange and you can learn what helped others.

Contact: |

Product management 101

Irina Marinescu, Head of Product Management/ Remastr

Irina works with teams to build innovative ideas into sustainable products that bring value to real people. She has 15+ years of experience in digital strategy, product marketing management and product
management roles. Domains: FinTech, InsurTech, PropTech, Hospitality, Digital Transformation, Media, Corporate Startups and more.  

Come to this workshop if you’d like to learn about:

  • the role of the product manager and why it matters
  • how to use product management processes & tools effectively
  • others’ experiences and practical case studies
  • potential solutions to your own current use case


Future-proof your business - Utilising strategic foresight and scenario development

Dominik Krabbe, Senior Consultant at Rohrbeck Heger GmbH

Dominik is Innovation Consultant and Facilitator with over 10 years of international experience. Before joining Rohrbeck Heger, where he focuses on Foresight Driven Innovation and Scenario Building, he ran a pan-European startup program for the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and worked as Design Thinking Coach. He studied in Potsdam and California and is a graduate of the HPI School of Design Thinking. 

Come to this workshop if you’d like to learn about:

  • the foresight and scenario development methodology
  • possible alternative future developments related to sustainability
  • implications for your industries/businesses
  • possible solutions / actions to take


Workshop registration

Workshop sessions: June, 22nd from 10-12.00 & 13.30-15.30

All 4 workshops will take place once in the morning and once in the afternoon!

Please indicate your preferences for the workshops. We will gladly try to take them into account. If your first choice cannot be considered in the morning, we will try to accommodate it in the afternoon. 

Registration for workshops
Please choose Skyrocket B2B Startup Sales The Growing Startup Product management 101 Future-proof your business
Please choose Skyrocket B2B Startup Sales The Growing Startup Product management 101 Future-proof your business
Please choose Skyrocket B2B Startup Sales The Growing Startup Product management 101 Future-proof your business

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Participants list
First name Last name Company Job title  E-mail




Sophie Winwood Anthemis Principal
Vincent Burguburu AWS Senior Enterprise Account Manager
Saliba Rouba AWS EMEA GTMS Business Development Manager
Roberto Brunazzi Baloise Head Group Media Relations
Philipp Hammel Baloise Head M&A / Participation Management Baloise Group
Adrian Honegger Baloise Head Group Strategy and Digital Transformation
Alexandra Kromer Baloise Agile Coach
Michael Müller Baloise CEO Basler Switzerland
Marie-Claire Peter Baloise New Business Manager
Sami Pippuri Baloise Tech Expert
Cédric Rochet Baloise Head of Product & Services @Luxembourg
Matthias Rüfenacht Baloise New Business Manager
James Sanders Baloise Manager Ecosystem Development
Till Schaltegger Baloise Senior New Business Manager
Yan Shikhvarger Baloise Investment Manager
Christoph Sperle Baloise Systemic Teamcoach
Patrick Wirth Baloise Vice President Ecosytsem Mobility
Matthias Hilgert Baloise Chief Transformation Officer
Alexander Bockelmann Baloise Chief Technology Officer
Sibylle  Fischer Baloise Director Strategic Venturing
Guillermo Forteza Baloise Investment Manager
Laura Seiler Baloise Innovation Manager
Carina Svensson Baloise Strategic Purchasing Manager
Amath Tounkara Baloise Senior Strategy Manager
Marc Kaiser Baloise Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations
Sabrina Bogaert Baloise Innovation Consultant
Stefaan de Kezel Baloise Director Innovation
Nina Denissen Baloise Manager Home Ecosystem
Alice Repetti Baloise Senior Manager Ecosystem Development
Giuseppe Nibali Baloise Head Mobility Baloise CH
Katarina Miljkovic Baloise Open Innovation Developer
André Boldt Baloise Head of Home @ Germany
Yannick Hasler Baloise Head of Private Customers
Peter Boss Baloise Senior Innovation Manager
Clarissa Nucerito Baloise New Business Managerin
Corinna Fröschke Baloise Communication Strategist
Carsten Kobbe-Dunker  Baloise IT Project Manager
Jonathan Ben-Shlomo  Baloise Financial Planning Analyst
Guillaume Van Lierde Batmaid (Vanguard Internet SA) General Manager Batmaid Switzerland & Luxembourg
Andreas Schollin-Borg Batmaid (Vanguard Internet SA) Co-Founder & CEO
Didier Goumaz Batmaid (Vanguard Internet SA) Strategic Partnership Manager
Axel Kalisch Ben Fleet Services GmbH CEO
Conrad Schlenkhoff Ben Fleet Services GmbH COO
Thorsten Gluitz Ben Fleet Services GmbH Head of product
Thies Hofmann Bridgemaker Partner
Siviglia Berto B-Tonic by Baloise Managing Director
Jakob Hirzel Bubble Box AG Founder & CEO
Céline Huwyler Bubble Box AG Marketing & Communications Manager
Roger Muhr Bubble Box AG Director Sales & Marketing
Sébastien Kügele SA CEO
Burcu Biçer GoMore Market Manager Switzerland
Matias Dalsgaard GoMore CEO
Rutger Verhoef GOWAGO AG CEO & Co-Founder
Nicolas Biquet Immopass COO
Pierre-Louis Firre Immopass CTO
Marc Guilmot Immopass CEO
Karsten Kossatz Independesk GmbH Founder / CEO
Vincent Irrling Kapsly Ventures  Founder
Tijs Corneillie Keypoint Managing Director
Jonathan Goderis Keypoint Managing Director
Nicole Sacco Kuno Chief of Staff
Nicola Büsse MOBIKO GmbH Managing Director & COO
Marcel Cremer MOBIKO GmbH CTO
Andreas Reichert MOBIKO GmbH  CVO Managing Director
Alex Pauwels Mobly CTO
Donald Wolfs Mobly CEO
Simone Kühn MOVU AG CEO
Luka Vucicevic MOVU AG CFO
Michele Matt MyCamper AG Founder / CEO
Agnese Brante Parcandi AG Regional Manager
Alessio Giacomel Parcandi AG Regional Director
Olga Pieritz Parcandi AG CMO, AD
Corsin Sulser Parcandi AG CEO
Cédric Wichert Parcandi AG CFO
Stijn Roels Rentio Founder
Jeroen Stalmans Rentio Founder 
Dries Van Schevensteen  Rentio Lead frontend engineer
Linda Armbruster Spark Works Managing Partner
Jiske van Straaten Spark Works Business Associate
Matthias Gerber Stratos Technologies AG CEO
Aleksandar Stevanovic  Stratos Technologies AG CTO
Tinia Mühlfenzl TIER Mobility Vice President Market Development
Marina Medina UBS Switzerland AG key4 by UBS - Head Partnerships/Ecosystem
Katja Perotto UBS Switzerland AG PO Ecosystem

Feel free to contact if you have any questions


Feel free to contact if you have any questions