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Baloise Mobility Accelerator: Get to know 10 exciting Mobility Startups!
Blog Baloise Mobility Accelerator: Get to know 10 exciting Mobility Startups!
Roshani Anna Amin & Accelerator Ventures August 9, 2021
Want to learn more about the Baloise accelerator programme? It’s time we formally introduce the participating startups.


We have an incredible range of companies from across Europe, bringing their unique concepts and engaging ideas to the accelerator. With the support of Baloise the future is bright for these startups and the mobility ecosystem! Read on to get to know the startups participating in this years’ Mobility Accelerator.


AYES is an Antwerp based AI startup that delivers a mobile application that assists blind and visually impaired to navigate safely from A to B. Our computer vision algorithms perceive the environment and help with avoiding obstacles and determining safe crossing conditions. In combination with GPS we calculate a safe trajectory to their destination. We provide audio feedback to guide the visually impaired along their route.


Carmino is a personal carbon reduction and offset manager for sustainable mobility & travel. With the Carmino app users can automatically track, reduce and offset their mobility carbon footprint.

Carmino analyzes mobility data from smartphones. It automatically detects transport modes and calculates carbon emissions for all trips. Then Carmino helps its users to avoid carbon emissions through personalized tips and incentives. As users cannot avoid all carbon emissions we will help them to compensate for what's left: They can choose from various certified and verified climate projects.

Leih dir mein Auto

Leih dir mein Auto is the easy, worry-free and eco-friendly way to share a car among neighbors and friends. Among the 42 Mio privately owned cars in Germany, 24 Mio are underused. Leih dir mein Auto provides a safe way for these vehicles to be borrowed to friends and neighbors, while the car and insurance rate of the owner is protected. It’s free for car owners and amounts to only a fraction of the carsharing and rental alternatives for borrowers. Moreover, CO2 emissions of the trip are overcompensated making the trip's climate positive.

LIF Technology

Wim Buzzi and Alain Duez, having a combined experience of 45 years in all aspects of fleet management, founded Let it Fleet in 2020 to support F&M professionals with expert consultancy. Also in 2020, Timo Latruwe and Thibault Degrande founded Modal, a technology startup that builds software solutions for corporations to analyse and manage employee mobility. In 2021, both startups joined forces and now leverage their expertise and technology knowledge to offer a full range of services and software solutions that are tailored to help our customers audit, design, implement and manage their future fleet and mobility policies. Meet LIF Technology


PARK-Cy is an innovative solution combining - Locking technology and Mobile-App based User-Interface to provide secured parking service for Bikes in city Parking lots. These existing Parking-lot racks are retrofitted with our Unique, Smart and Robust Locking mechanism, along with an AI-based-Surveillance system specifically designed for securing the bikes for any attempt of theft or vandalism, while following the legal guidelines in the city. We provide additional services like bike-repair and E-bike charging at these locations. With PARK-Cy, we are combatting the everyday challenge of a regular city bike user, while making the streets organized and easy to use in the city. 


We are RIBE - Founded in July 2020 by 3 passionate motorheads with fuel in their veins. 

@RIBE we believe that the beauty of motorcycling should be easily accessible without having to own a bike. That is why we disrupt the motorcycle industry by introducing a new era of motorcycling through a subscription & sharing based business model - farewell 👋 to high acquisition-, depreciation-, and maintenance costs - hello 👋 simple and convenient subscription & sharing.

Our intuitive digital platform helps us to connect like-minded bikers, bringing convenient services to our customers / partners and to enable scalability 🚀 


RideBee enables sustainable B2B-Mobility by developing an employee platform for shared mobility on the way to work via carpools and shared bus shuttles. Emissions and increased traffic are problems that can be solved by pragmatically increasing the utilization of vehicles. With that goal in mind the team of RideBee already established successful projects for companies in several regions in Germany. In summary, Munich is the area with the largest number of users. Currently, more than 10,000 employees already have access to the RideBee platform.


Renewable energies are volatile in production and prices. To keep the power grid stable and low-cost, a flexible power demand and batteries are needed. Electric vehicles (EVs) are the ideal providers of both. RiDERgy accelerates EV and renewables synergies via its B2B software subscription for electric fleets. It aggregates EVs to make charging efficient, eco-friendly and low-cost. Fleets benefit from lower fuel costs. An AI provides grid services and charges or discharges the batteries at best spot market prices. Flexible APIs to vehicles, dispatching software or charging points are used to steer charging anywhere leveraging power system and mobility data. 


Streetwaves facilitates a carefree ride for a growing group of long-distance bikers who own an e-bike. All four have worked for small and large companies, local and regional projects. This mix of experience enables a network of contacts in various sectors and functional areas. Each of the co-founders has developed new products and services in the past and made them successfully marketable (bicycle lease, development of the first mobile apps in Flanders, setting up refugee centers, last mile delivery,…) They have often taken charge of teams that have grown rapidly in number and turnover in a short period of time. This gives them the confidence to grow Streetwaves with this team into a full-fledged company, because the future is more e-bike than car. 

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Want to learn more about the Baloise Mobility Accelerator or do you have an interest in participating or partnering with the future accelerator programs from Baloise Mobility. Visit the Mobility Page.

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