Emilie Leus fund

November 28, 2016
Baloise supports the foundation in the fight against drunken drivers on Belgium's roads.

With the new "Simply Safe" strategy, Baloise wants to be more than just a traditional insurance company. We see the world through the eyes of our customers and become the first choice for all people who simply want to feel safe. The cooperation with the Emilie Leus fund has therefore become a matter close to the heart for Baloise in Belgium. Vincent Leus, Emilie's father and Baloise customer, will be actively supported by Baloise employees in his fight against drunken motorists on Belgium's roads with their know-how, e.g. in legal matters. In addition, an insurance product will be launched from which the Foundation will benefit directly financially. Baloise is also actively helping to draw attention to the issue of "no drinking while driving".