A week to breathe economic air

Dominik Marbet
May 15, 2019
20 pupils of the Gymnasium Muttenz have stuck their noses in economic matters during the Wirtschaftswoche from 6th to 10th May. Their task was to build up a fictitious watch company and to consider different economic aspects like prices, turnover, wages and marketing expenses.

Real input for fictitious projects

Mr. Daniel Fasnacht, economics teacher of the class from Muttenz, is a fan of the variety to the school everyday life: "We are glad that we can offer such valuable insights into the working world to our pupils and have with the Baloise a competent partner, which strives for the young people and wakes their interest.

In order to support them in their task, dedicated Baloise employees presented the young people with opportunities for direct entry into the world of insurance and other training opportunities, discussed the future of work in general with them and gave an insight into working at Baloise. 

Fabienne Steiner, Human Resources Manager for trainees at Baloise, describes Wirtschaftswoche as " [...] an ideal setting for young people to work on their own projects in an entrepreneurial environment and to venture a first glimpse beyond their own school backyard".

Practical experience is appreciated

The pupils not only create their own fictitious company, they also have to present the plans for this company to the class. This leads to realistic and sometimes heated discussions about wages, sales markets and the preservation of long-term growth. Not only does this create a good mood, it also prepares them for their daily work.

Pascal and Samuel have defended their idea of a watch company bravely in front of the class and appreciate the opportunities that Wirtschaftswoche offers them. For Pascal, testing entrepreneurial thinking and action is particularly important, because he and many others in his class have the dream of being self-employed as successful entrepreneurs. Samuel adds that Wirtschaftswoche also teaches them how to deal with wrong decisions, as the proposal to cut wages to increase sales, for example, was not well received by the class. In addition to the practical knowledge, they both appreciate the fact that they can spend the week at Baloise: "The environment and the inputs of the Baloise employees inspire us in our project work and the food is excellent".