Applying for jobs beyond 50 | Job searches with fresh impulse

Corinna Fröschke
May 31, 2019
Job application
In our blog, we preach it again and again: Don’t stop! Keep working on yourself! Keep learning! No matter what age you are. If you follow this mindset, you will automatically question yourself in your later working life, reposition yourself and apply for new jobs. But how?

Job searches in old age | What are your worries

Applications are associated with uncertainty. That’s the case no matter what age you are. Are there jobs on the market that interest you and fulfill you? Will I be invited for a job interview? Do I fit into the job or the team? Remind yourself that these are the worries that concern all generations when looking for a job. Naturally, thoughts like this continue in old age too. Do employers consider the employment of older candidates to be worthwhile in the long term? Are my increased salary expectations competitive with those of younger applicants? Will I be given the chance to prove my capabilities?

Self-marketing | Advantages in old age

These questions are certainly justified, but you can counter them with plus points that you earn only because you are older. You have years of experience with certain tasks and jobs: that is your professional expertise. You have also learned to work with different personalities over the years: this shows your social competence. You are someone who ideally likes to pass on your knowledge, i.e. you are a mentor, teacher, contact person. You have already overcome several changes in your life and know how to deal with change. Here, too, you could act as a role model. In the end, all this brings a certain sovereignty to the team, which has a high value in terms of diversity.

Baloise focuses on knowledge transfer via generations. We promote the development of younger people in management positions and provide them with experienced mentors. In this way, important know-how remains within the company.

elderly man at work

Accept change | Drive development forward

Your mindset is decisive for your application: Can you leave your comfort zone? Are you brave enough to take the plunge into new waters? Do you know the potential for freshness and opportunity that a new direction can bring? If you’ve already had positive experiences with change, you will know: I can do that, it’s fun, that’s what I want. If you don’t have this access because you haven’t left your routine, it’s harder for you. The suggestion here is to start small. In other words, change less existential things in life to see what it feels like. For example, cut coffee out of everyday life. Ride your bike wherever you take your car. Get to know new people, even if you might be afraid of it usually. The more you dare and win, the better it sets you up for bigger changes in your life.

Show yourself willing to learn

Learning doesn’t stop after school or university these days, we are constantly learning. This is an attitude that Baloise promotes. In your application, show us that you are open to new ideas and that you are interested in the trends of the time. What experiences have you had, for example, in the course of digitalisation? Note some of your mistakes, learnings and/or successes. It’s about your proactive handling of new topics as well as the recruiter’s feeling that you can master challenges. When formulating your application, be careful not to give the impression that you still have to learn certain things, instead, show us that you are curious and still feel the urge to develop yourself further.

Small self-confidence kick at the end

The fact is, we’re experiencing an employees’ market. This means that too many companies are courting too few skilled workers. As a senior employee you have acquired valuable soft skills, such as know-how. The current situation on the job market means that employers can’t do without you – ultimately in the sense of diversity in team structures too. More and more managers are recognizing this value.

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