Baloise Asset Management takes a new approach

Matthias Henny
February 15, 2019
Generating a sufficiently high and stable return on investments requires specific expertise that many institutional investors and qualified private investors simply do not have. Baloise Asset Management is familiar with the challenges presented by the market in the prevailing environment of zero and negative interest rates and has a strong track record of overcoming these challenges. Under the Simply Safe strategy, Baloise Asset Management has now begun to make this expertise available to third parties as well.

An alignment of interests equals a successful investment strategy

Alongside retail customers, the primary target group for Baloise Asset Management’s services are institutional investors, such as pension funds, that have a long-term investment horizon. These customers’ investment criteria are aligned with the interests of Baloise Asset Management, which is not the case for other providers in the market. The key to success therefore lies in using the same investment strategy that Baloise Asset Management uses for managing the assets of Baloise’s own insurance business. The benefits lie in being able to reap economies of scale and keep costs under control.

But the focus isn’t just on costs. The available products also need to be adapted to the requirements of the market. Thanks to its modular product offering, Baloise is able to offer institutional clients bespoke, transparent solutions that meet their particular needs. Core solutions for the following key asset classes are being developed:

Baloise Asset Management’s investment universe for external customers

Real estate

Private debt



Mixed investments/multi assets