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Manuel Thomas
September 23, 2019
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BasGame is the largest board game event in northwestern Switzerland. At this year's edition on 28.09.2019, Baloise will be present with its own stand for the first time. We'll be presenting the most important facts and figures about BasGame 2019, taking a look at current board game trends with experts and explaining to you what our stand is all about.

BasGame 2019

  • 400+ board games can be played at BasGame 2019, of which 100 are novelties on the board game market. Volunteers support the visitors, give introductions to the games, explain the rules of the game – in nine languages, of course also in German.
  • Several hundred visitors are expected – since the first BasGame in 2014, the number of visitors has risen steadily, which is also due to the current trend towards playing board games.
  • 14 exhibitors and sponsors will be represented at BasGame 2019, including internationally renowned game publishers, local manufacturers and famous scene celebrities.
  • This year's edition will take place on 28.09.2019 from 11am to 9pm in the Volkshaus in Basel.
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Board games offer such a high degree of social interaction as hardly any other entertainment medium.

Rubén Cabezón, Founder BasGame

Current board game trends

Expert opinions

Board games are the trend: According to the Federal Statistical Office, 75% of all Swiss people play board games regularly, and the trend is rising.

We asked Rubén Cabezon, founder of BasGame, and Pascal Loehrer, owner of the Basler toy store Spielbrett, about the trends, which games are currently selling well in Switzerland and which titles we can look forward to in the future.

Rubén Cabezón, Founder BasGame

"The current trend in board games can be seen on several levels: The number of published games per year has risen sharply. The growth in board games on the market also means more diversification in terms of innovative mechanics and exciting stories – there is something for every player. This means that more and more board games are being played in families, offering more social interaction than almost any other entertainment medium. At the same time, they are also ideal for giving children important values along the way, like concentrating, learning rules, winning, losing. As a result of this development, board games have increasingly become the focus of public attention, as can be seen at numerous initiatives and events at cantonal level."

Pascal Loehrer, Owner Spielbrett

"Board games are definitely trendy, especially innovative games are experiencing a real boom, which in my opinion has two reasons: On the one hand, there are the new possibilities of financing through crowdfunding platforms – on Kickstarter alone there are currently over 200 campaigns with the aim of producing a board game in very different forms. On the other hand, there is a strong increase in 3D printers, which allows companies to produce games themselves, even in small print runs. The current bestseller is the "Game of the Year", "Just One", as well as the "Connoisseur Game of the Year", "Flügeschlag", but there is also a great demand for cooperative board games, from which we can expect some more in the future - hopefully with new game concepts instead of the umpteenth infusion of an old game with a new licensed theme."

There is a great demand for cooperative board games, of which we can still expect some in the future.

Pascal Loehrer, Owner Spielbrett


Baloise is taking part in the BasGame for the first time this year. But how does insurance and the board game fit together? The answer is simple: "Sarah's Vision". Sarah's Vision" is a story-based, cooperative board game about strategy and resource management for 1 to 4 players. The game, with its strong history and cooperative, innovative game mechanics, is right in line with the trend.

"Sarah's Vision" is a collaboration between Baloise and internationally renowned stars from the board game scene to communicate Baloise's corporate strategy to its employees – complex topics such as cooperation, agility and customer focus can be experienced in a playful way. Sarah's Vision" was played by around 3,000 people within Baloise, but the game has also been very well received outside Baloise, as numerous reviews on YouTube and specialist blogs show.

At this year's BasGame exhibition stand, interested players will be able to put their own hands on "Sarah's Vision". Baloise employees will supervise the stand and provide insight into the development of the game and why it is representative of Baloise's corporate culture.

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Sarah's Vision

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