Baloise Volunteer Day in Germany

Thomas Klein
October 30, 2019
The Baloise Volunteer Day gives Baloise Germany employees the chance to spend a day giving something back to society. The day requires the full commitment of the volunteers, and the indescribably good feeling it instils is very rewarding. But it is not just the good feeling the teams agree on; they do not think the Baloise Volunteer Day should be a one-off event.

Doing good does you good: The first Baloise Volunteer Day in Germany

Doing good does you good! The roughly 100 Baloise colleagues in Germany who took part in the first Baloise Volunteer Day in Hamburg, Bremen and Bad Homburg would agree. On 18 October 2019, the voluntary helpers at Baloise’s three locations in Germany went off to do some good. In yellow safety vests and blue Baloise hats, the teams could not be missed and succeeded in accomplishing a lot in just one day.

Bright eyes, beaming faces and candyfloss

Two events in Bremen clashed that day: the Baloise Volunteer Day, and the opening of the Bremen Freimarkt funfair. Thanks to Baloise, eight children and young people, aged between 2 and 16, from the Löwenherz Children’s and Youth Hospice experienced a few carefree hours during the fifth Bremen season. They were accompanied there by our colleagues from Bremen, some parents and two employees of Löwenherz. Time just flew by. When we said goodbye after five hours of fun, there was another surprise for the Löwenherz kids.



By popular request of our employees from Bremen, a collection was started before the Baloise Volunteer Day, so a piggy bank – filled to the brim – could be handed over to the staff of Löwenherz for their continued work with children and young people. When a father asked his child at the end of their stay at Löwenherz what the best part of their stay had been, the child responded: “Going to the funfair with the Baloise volunteers!” It was a wonderful and unforgettable afternoon for all.

Rubbish bags, grippers and gloves

While this is not the usual outfit for Baloise employees in Hamburg, it could not have been more fitting for the Baloise Volunteer Day and was chosen specifically with the Hamburg volunteers’ motto in mind: “We’re cleaning up our neighbourhood!”



In teams of three they headed to different districts and, as well as plenty of rubbish, found some real curiosities. After the work was done, the teams got together again and met for a drink afterwards on the boulevard.

Leaves, rakes and aching muscles

Finally, in Bad Homburg, about 40 Baloise Insurance employees traded their office clothes for weatherproof gear. A smaller team made its way to the Oberursel animal shelter to help out with the creation of a burial forest. For many, aching muscles served as a reminder of the tough physical work and uncompromising commitment. The food donations brought to the animal shelter were very welcome, too.



A slightly larger group went to the Bad Homburg Waldfriedhof cemetery and met with a team from the Bad Homburg depot. There, our volunteers helped the depot team to collect autumn foliage. Equipped with rakes, wheelbarrows and green-waste bags, they spread out across the cemetery and energetically helped to clear the green spaces and paths of autumn foliage. The support was very positively received, and the division manager of the depot expressed his thanks for the fantastic support, already inviting the team back for the following year.

Social responsibility as a company

Regardless of our location, by our understanding, we as a company are just as much a member of society as any individual. With all our various activities in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg we are pursuing a clear goal: giving something back to society and making a contribution as a corporate citizen.

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