Corporate Strategy as a game | Experience cooperation

Corinna Fröschke
March 22, 2019
How do we let our employees experience our corporate strategy? How can they feel the vision of a new collaboration? The answer? Turn it into a game.

That’s why resourceful colleagues have come together with experienced game inventors to develop a board game. And here’s the twist: You don’t play each other to see who’s best. In “Sarah’s Vision” you either win together or fail together.

Accessories of the board game Sarah′s Vision

Challenge | Cultural change

We hear these buzzwords time and time again: becoming more agile, breaking open silos, finding synergies, working together across teams and disciplines. The departure into a new world of work sounds the same in every company and poses similar challenges. How do I bring a new mindset into the heads of an entire workforce? A workforce in which almost everyone used to work primarily in their own garden and was able to take their successes for themselves. A small group of Baloisians found the answer in a board game: Sarah’s Vision.


You don’t play against each other – you play with each other.

Combining strenghts | Staying competitive

Baloise’s strategy is to actively involve its employees in shaping our future,” explains Beat Knechtli from Organisational Development. “It’s about initiative and personal responsibility, ideas and courage. But it’s also about understanding that each individual is important. We all have different strengths and experience. Only by combining them can we remain competitive in the future.” Saying this and wishing it from our employees is one thing – to really live it, is another thing entirely. “We all have to relearn,” adds Marc Kaiser, Head of Corporate Communication & Investor Relations. “We must work more transparently, share our knowledge, communicate mistakes and learn from each other.”

Trailer picture of Sarah′s Vision

From the board game to everyday working life

The easiest way to learn is through a game. We quiz and take new knowledge with us, we play “Don’t get angry” and most people develop the ability to lose. This is exactly how it works with the Baloise strategy game Sarah’s Vision.

The game makes people want to be successful.

Marc: “The biggest surprise for all players comes right at the beginning. You don’t play against each other – you play with each other. Only those who put the abilities of different team members to use correctly, who can take a back seat and listen, those who exchange ideas with each other, have a chance of winning.” The emphasis is on chance, because defeat is just as conceivable as in real life. “But then,” Beat says, “it’s only natural that most colleagues want to play again and show that they can do better. The game makes people want to be successful.” 

Learning from mistakes

The board game also succeeds in bringing a certain culture of error to life. Yes, we fail –that’s part of life, but we can learn from this and work on it. “It is particularly impressive for me,” says Beat, explaining that “those who have played Sarah’s Vision transfer the gaming experience into their everyday working lives. The memory of successful cooperation and joint success is so strong that they want to relive both in the company. They thus become natural multipliers of closer cooperation for achieving our shared goals and implementing the Baloise strategy.”

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