Cat Content #1 | His cat is the real boss

Katharina Hepp
August 9, 2019
Cats are cute, but are also often considered unpredictable. What a streamer has experienced with his four-legged friend in front of a running camera, however, surpasses anything that has been seen before.

Cat vomits in livestream

Twitch streamer "JadedBlue" wants to show his about 100 followers just new scene from the game "Escape from Tarkov" when his cat suddenly starts to meow. The streamer still looks to the side, but can't do anything for his computer anymore: Cat Kelsier is right in the middle of vomiting loudly over his computer. 

Gamer and cat sitting in front of computer

First warning, then fault

"Hey buddy, what's going on" says JadedBlue into the camera, some ominous noises follow, one last "oh man", after that only the twitch noise screen is visible. The followers take it in good humor: "Quite well-behaved. She even gave some warning meows of herself".

Of cats and bosses

The PC is finally over, but luckily the cat is well again. What exactly she missed, whether she had spoiled her stomach or needed a worm cure again - and passed the bug on to the PC - can only be speculated. Who loves not only his cat, but also gaming, is better prepared and continues to gamble so quickly. In our Top 10 you can see which bosses your gaming equipment should watch out for.